Hi everyone

I have came over from the pregnany forum to ask for your help

We have been invited to a christening on the 22nd of March and I'm not sure what to buy the little one. He is a boy and is 3 months old

I have seen a few nice silver money boxes etc but can't help think they are a waste especially for a boy as he is never going to want to keep them

I thought about getting him some clothing or a toy but then its not really a gift for a christening

My other idea was a cuterlery set with his name on therfore its something useful

Has anyone got any ideas of what to get?



  • i like the idea of the cutlery. like you said, boys mght not be bothered by a silver money box when they are older.

    have a look at
    think thats the right address.
  • Thank you so much for the link I have found the perfect cutlery set and its so reasonably priced

    your a star
  • yea i'd definitely go for something useful, at jack's christening he must have ended up with about 8 money boxes, they are all absolutely lovely but there are only so many places i can put them. on the other hand he got a gorgeous mug, plate and bowl set with hungry caterpilla on and a lovely egg cup - they are lovely but useful at the same time. x
  • I had Frankies christening at the weekend. She got loads of beautiful money boxes but like you say only so much room for them.

    Best pressies were clothes (in next size up), nappy cake, bowl/cup/spoon set and a photo album. Also got a beautiful certificate that gives the meaning of her name. We had it framed and are putting it up in her room.
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