newborn outfits-what to wear

Hiya ladies im popping over from pregnancy.
Might sound like a daft question but what sort of outfits did you dress your newborns in?
My baby boy is due in 4 weeks and dont have a clue whether to buy complete outfits-tops, trousers dungarees etc or stick with the all in ones/sleepsuits? Random question but it just dawned on me!
Lou 36+1


  • Mine was in all in one baby grows until he was about 12wks. TOo fiddly to be bothered with top and bottoms. And he has the rest of his life to wear jeans so it was soft, fluffy, fleecy baby grows for him for ages. Even now I only put him in denim dungarees now and again and I have soft dungaree suits with vests under for rest of the time. He's 20wks now. You'll get loads of stuff so don't buy too much, and people will buy youlittle outfits so just buy the essentails, some sleepsuits for night and a few nice baby grows for daytime. Ooh and some vests. Good luck, hope next 4wks is good. S x
  • sleepsuits, sometimes my lo would go through 4 a day at least! i bought some nice ones from next etc then some cheap plain ones from asda 3.75 for 3! cheap seeing as they just get poo'd or spewed on!
  • we bought sleep suits. because jessica was small when she was born, mom had to go out and buy some smaller ones.

    we were given sooooooooooooooo many clothes as gifts. so dont buy too much yourself. just get vests and sleepsuits.
  • Hi,
    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    Our lo lived in play/sleep suits and vests when he was born (7 months now!!) and we still do if we're in for the day. So much easier with poppers right down the front (not the back like some silly fancy ones we were given-nightmare!) for easy access. Next, ASDA and Mothercare so really, really lovely ones am still addicted to buying them-have some with dinosaurs in his wardrobe in 9-12 months size ready! Not sure what sizes to get maybe if you get 3-6 month stuff am sure you'll get newborn and 0-3 month gear as gifts.
    Good luck and look forward to hearing from you over here in Baby soon xx
  • hey!

    It was really warm when my lo was born so she mostly lived in vests, I had some favourite sleep-suits i'd use during the day (rocha-john-rocha bunny ones i'd got in a sale lol). She only had 2 or 3 outfits for 0-3 months.

    It only took a couple of months for her to fit into 3-6 months clothes and then she had lots of little little outfits, dresses and trousers and tops. Though we did still have sleep-suit days!
  • I forgot to say good luck and look forward to seeing you over here soon!

    By the way......Loopy Loo is what I call my lo as a 'pet name' I wanted to spell it Loopy Lou but it wouldn't let me have it.......she's Louise and i'm Lisa. It was also my 'pet name' as a child! Hopefully it wont get confusing with both of us over here! lol
  • Gabe was mainly in little short rompers as it was so hot when he was born! He sometimes wore outfits, sometimes sleepsuits, totally depended...I do think newborns look way cuter and more comfy in sleepsuits though. Gabe still wears them to sleep in and he's nearly 10 months now! xxx
  • Zacky was in a mixture of sleepsuits and cute little outfits from birth. I used to dress him if we were going out or expecting visitors. I would call his outfits his 'tarting clothes' due to all the attention he would get. LOL. As it was a really hot june when he was born he would also spend alot of time in just a nappy or nappy and vest.
  • Grace was in sleepsuits for first few months, they were just so comfy for her instead of outfits.

  • Evie has only ever worn sleepsuits to bed, i always put her in outfits i found them easier than sleepsuits but everyone is different xxx
  • Thanks for all your replies everyone.
    lol Loopy Loo my names Louise but Looby lou was taken as thats been a nickname of mine for years!!!!! oooh could get a bit confusing!!
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