Please complete Petition for Smear Test age to be lowered-

Hi girls,

There's been a lot of talk lately about Smear Tests and how appalling it is that the testing age was raised to 25 when teenagers are becoming sexually active younger and younger. There are women getting and even dying from Cervical Cancer before they've even reached this age.

This could so easily be avoided, if treated early pre-cancerous cells rarely develop into cancer, but for it to be treated early it has to be found early.

Claire (who's family have arranged this petition) died a few days after her 23rd Birthday from Cervical Cancer, she left behind her heartbroken parents, a Husband and a child. Had she been born just a few years later or lived in Scotland for example the chances are she'd still be here today.

The age for first Smear Test's needs to be lowered before more young women die, it it avoidable which makes these deaths all the more tragic.

Please help;

And if you're due/entitled to a smear test, this is a good thing, a privilege not all women have, not an inconvenience- please get one booked.

Much love~ OP xx


  • Have signed petition. Think its daft to up the age for smear tests to 25.
  • mine keep gettin cancelled !! im 24 and havent had one yet, i need to get booked in for one, but with havin lo i dont get a chance!! i wholey agree with the age being lowered....girls are more sexually active younger these days, and its tragic to have to bury your own children....
  • Thanks for your support ladies x
  • Think this needs a bump from page 3 back up to page 1.

  • Thanks girls, I really hope this makes a difference! xx
  • bump back to page one
  • I have signed it too. I'm 22 and was just talking to my friend last night who is 32 and telling her that she really should go for a smear, as OP said it is a privilege for those who can not an inconvenience xxx
  • Thanks Chrystal and Misslauri- good work spreading the word, I hope your friend listens!! xx
  • Apparently, if the test is done before 25 it creates more complications as they have to take off a small part of the cervix which often leads to premature births in younger women, They say in most cases test so early, generally, does more harm than good. So I don't know really! xox
  • i really hope this works i'm 21 with a baby with other reasons of really wanting one done, so thanks from me for setting this up and giving hope it might get reduced xx
  • i dont get that iv been having one done every other year since i was 18. iv got my next one in 3 weeks and 1 day so not looking forward to it x
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