help advise needed for worried mum!! *update*

Erin has had a cold for past week and been pretty grumpy no temps though. Today she's been with my mum and mum said she's been back to her normal self laughing and sleeping with no trouble.

But now she feels really hot with really cold hands and feet so i thought i'll just check her temp and its 38.7, but she seems fine apart from feeling hot, no rash, still has a running nose but no other cold symptoms. She is nearly 9 months old and still has no teeth but i can feel the bottom two and top two as if they are gonna cut any minute.

Do babies get temps when teething?

whilst writing this she has started screaming oh is comforting her but i think it is because she is battling sleep. I've given calpol. Really really worried :\? :\?


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NHS direct rang back at 0330 am!! but they were very nice. Anyways this afternoon her temp is 38.8 so given her calpol, her hands and feet are ice cold she has only had 5 oz of milk in total from three seperate bottles, one spoon of breakfast and one spoon of lunch then refusing to eat so i tried her with a biscuit she loves and she ate half which is a very small amount for her. all he wants to do is sleep or cry. I have a GP appointment at 5pm. I really confused between instinct and worry, but just have this overwhemling sense that somethings wrong, but its probably psychological because i know she has a temp. I wish she could talk. i feel helpless


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  • yes they can get a temp when teething and mine have always had a cold whilst teething too!when did you give calpol?if her temp is still high then you can give ibruprofen aswell(nurofen) xx
  • How long ago did you give her the calpol, and have you checked her temp since? Have you given her anything like bongela for her teeth?
    what thermometer are you using out of interest? Is it a reliable confirm its reliable check it on yourself. Only asking as te temp is on the high side as 37.5 or over is apyrexial for a child. xxx
  • just re-checked temp and is now 38.4 so she's hasn't responded much to paracetamol which was given about 30 mins ago. i trust the thermometre as hers usually says 36.5 nearly always so its 2 degrees hotter than normal, she's never had a temp this high b4 and she feels rwally hot but still got cold hands, i'm really worrying now
  • My lo always gets a temp, cold and runny nappy when she is teething. Her temp may need a bit longer to reduce, giev an hour and then check again.

  • I would just double check the temp on yourself anyway just to be certain is telling you the correct temp.
    Also, where abouts are you taking her temp anus/armpit/under tongue/ear?

    Would I be right in saying her only symptom is her temp? Has she been feeding well today and has she produced plenty of wet nappies/
  • I did check temp on myself and mine is fine. Just checked hers again and its 37.9. Tmepertaure is the only sympton#, she's eating like normal again, although not so much milk but that is not un-usual for her. I'm taking her temp axilla (armpit).

    Am i being a totally neurotic mummy?? but i feel really worried like adrenalin running through me!! I'm soo over reacting but just can't seem to stop myself worrying about it. Is this instinct or over reacting??
  • I would phone NHS Diredt and see what they say. I really don't want to worry you as it is probably just a bug she has but very cold hands and feet can be an early symptom of meningitis so better to be save than sorry. NHS Direct are brilliant though and will talk you through all her symptoms.
  • I think I would ring NHS Direct and talk to them. They have been brilliant with our lo and even rang back the next day to see if he was ok. Might help you feel better and more sure. Let us know how she is x 0845 46 47 by the way x
  • next thing I was going to say, was ring nhs direct on 0845 4647. Or ring your gp surgery, whos answer phone should have the out of hrs dr no on.

    This will save you the time and troublegoing up a+e. Hope all is ok and you have a gd sleep.
  • sry. didnt see the othertwo had already posted
  • hey everyone thanks for replies! i've calmed down now! Her temp is now 37.2 much better. she stil;l won't sleep so i'm going to be naughty and lay her down with me on my bed til oh get backs from watching saints !!
    I rang NHS direct they said they are exceptionally busy and won't be able to ring back until possibly midnight, so they put my mind at rest that perhaps i am just a neurotic mum!!
    thanks again xxx
  • big hugs hun hope she feeling better soon if ever need to talk now were i am here or facebook
    bigs and kiss
    carrie and faith
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