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IMPORTANT ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE..... baby formula milk?????

Hi, Im from the Due in April forum, but was reading in here today.. and I saw all the comments about the formula milk on Eastenders... now im concerned.
This is my 3rd child.. I have a nearly 5 year old, and a nearly 3 year old.
With both my last 2, I pre made up my formula milk and stored it in the fridge for up to the max time allowed as explained on the boxes.
Im planning to do this again with my 3rd, but please tell me what all this is about new regulations saying not to store milk in the fridge?????? Today was the 1st time I have heard about this, so wondering what has changed over past 3 years since I had my son.
It would be a nightmare if you cant make up about 6 bottles to put in fridge to get you through night feeds into early morning,
Look forward to hearing from you about this.. thanks everyone
caz xx

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  • The 'rules' are that you shouldn't do this although, like you said, you did it with your last 2 children!! I did it for a couple of weeks but then overfilled my fridge with shopping and didn't have room for them and I got out of the habit of doing it. A lot of mums on here still do it that way though so it can't do any harm. The other way that seems to be common is to make up all your bottles with the cooled boiled water and leave them on the side until your lo is due a feed, just add the powder and heat as and when you need them. I do it this way as it is way too impractical to make each bottle individually when baby needs it!!
    As it happens, my lo will be going to a childminder as of the 1st April and they are legally not allowed to make up formula feeds, I either have to provide cartons or supply them with all feeds needed for the day ready mixed and she will put them in the fridge until needed! how barmy is that with all the so called advice that is around at the moment!
  • [quote}they are legally not allowed to make up formula feeds

    I don't beleive this is totally correct Donna, the cm can add the milk powder to a bottle already filled with water but can't boil the kettle & fill the bottle themselves .

    My son has been with his cm since Jan 7th & I provide her with the right amount of powder & a bottle filled with cool boiled water. he is on a specilist prescribed formula so there is no way I could give her a carton or make up the bottle in advance.
  • Regulations seem to change every 5 minutes and most people seem just go with whatever is easiest or works for them whether its the new way or the old way.

    I sterilise 4 bottles (cause thats what fits in the steriliser) every time I'm running low (lo sometimes has 4 sometimes 5 bottles a day) and make them with cooled boiled water and then add powder when we need them. LO isn't fussy about temperature so I don't have to worry about warming them up.

    If I'm going out, i take the powder in the container and mix when needed. i have the tommy tippee bottles and the powder containers that fit inside. They are also handy for night feeds - take the bottle of boiled water and the right amount of formula up to bed and it takes seconds to mix them!

    Didn't know childminders weren't allowed to boil water for bottles!! That seems crazy!
  • Katie Lou... that sounds like a really good idea!!! I know at first i will have to do that more regular, like twice a day due to more feeding, but once get used to how many feeds a day I can just do that on a morning.
    Does this still work well for during the night?????
    Can I ask you aswel, once you have added the extra ounce of hot water to add formula, do you then still have to warm the whole lot up, or does that extra ounce warm the water enough to give to the baby?
    This sounds wierd for me asking all this when I have had 2 already, its just with guidlines changing, Im trying to get best ideas, and I like the sound of yours
    Thanks for all replies too.. Think I will google the regulations lol
    caz xx
  • thanks for that Kia too... sounds like you do same as katie lou, but just dont have to add extra water or warm them up.
    I have avent bottles, so I'll just have to get up and add the formula as and when lol
    thanks again
    caz xx
  • Thanks Beebee, I was just going by what she told me but I thought it was a load of bollocks at the time! I'm just going to do what you do then, she can't do it wrong if I've measured it out for her can she?!!
  • they all seem to have their own ways Donna, my cm doesn't make any food for her charges, she will put cereal in a bowl & add milk that you provide or toast the bread that you send but she has had so many kids with allergies that she wont do much else so if you dont' send a bit of marge for the toast then they have it plain image. But as Sonny is her only baby (all others are 2.5years+) she is quite flexible with him but yes, I would say not adding powder to the bottle sounds like bolloxs to me image
  • I do the same as katielou. My los are 5, 2 1/2 and 11wk old and like you magicmonica, i found it had all changed again this time - it's utter madness! I did the powder adding thing with my 2nd as a friend did that with her lo - i was still mixing and storing but it's actually easier to do it the add 1-2oz hot boiled water and powder. Before she started sleeping thru i used a food tub to carry up a bottle, flask, powder container and her dummy pod. No going down stairs in this windy, cold weather!
  • Beebee - she told me I would have to provide all meals and snacks for Poppy until she can eat exactly the same as her other children. She will be the only baby there. I can't believe they can be so strict about things - she even asked if Poppy will take things at room temp - she won't, everything has to be verging on the hot side or she refuses it point blank and always has!
  • Oh dear - sounds strict! My cm is also a friend of the family and has 3 grown-up children, well adults now! I trust her totally and she'll do what i ask regards food etc. She was ace at training my eldest to potty train and now it's ds2's turn soon i'm hoping we have the same speedy success! Gracie will be going there in Sept when i go back to work (hopefully p/t if hubby gets promotion!) so I'll ask her what she's heard re the bottle thing on Monday.
  • Thanks - I'd be interested to hear! It doesn't really matter I suppose but I'm curious!
    She seems really nice and had lovely references and she has a little boy that is 9 years old and she has looked after him since he was 8 months old! I guess that's a good reference!
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