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Good morning all

We are having Niamh christened on Sunday 5th September and one of the ideas I have had is to show photos of Niamh in her first 6 months. I was just going to print lots of photos and put in a photo album but then last night thought about doing a photo book. I was thinking off putting this near to the cake and the guest book.

However I have no idea on where to even start with doing a photo book as I have never done one before? Are they easy to do? Also how long do they normally take to arrive? (wondering if I have left it too late for it to arrive in time, especially with the bank holiday next week)? Which sites are the best? What sort of things should I be doing/look for etc

Do you think it is a good idea or a stupid one (you can be honest - DH certainly is being with lots of my ideas lol)?

As always thank you in advance xx


  • i use Next Photos (mainly coz I have a Next account hehe). Its super simple and only takes a few days to arrive. I did a wedding one for my Mum and am gonna do one for the in laws for Christmas of my DD.

    You just pick your fave pictures, upload them and then you can arrange it how you like. You get colour and font options and can position them, resize them however you like x
  • I use tescos as u can reduce delivery by getting it delivered to store and if its a bigger enough one that might be able to do it while u wait (maybe an extra store?!)

    Price wise its brilliant, i've had a book made for their memory boxes and it was ??4.00 each at the time...
  • I used photobox for hubby for valentines day, was very very easy but I cant remember time frame to arrive only that I ordered it in feb and it arrived the week before valentines day so not long.

    As for price they had an offer on at the time but for a hardback book with about 30 photos in it was under ??30. Hubby was very chuffed with it as was I the quality was brilliant

  • i've used Kodakgallery and like others said it is very easy to do mine where 19.99 each (i did one each for my boys for their 'birth boxes' good quality and a wide selection to c hoose from xx (only took 3 days i thinkwas very quick x)
  • I LOVE doing photo books!! I just did one for Toby's first six months and I made it into a little story book for him to read when he's a little bit older. Each page has captions telling a little story about what he's doing and how he's growing over the 6 month period, it's really cool.

    I used for that one but I've also used - I made a really big flash one for our wedding pics. Took me ages but it looks fab as a coffee table book.

    Price totally depends on how much you want to spend - for a smaller one they are really cheap or if you want a big hardback one they can cost up to ??200 depending on what paper quality you choose etc.

    The site that will sut you best will also depend on how many photos you want to use - for snapfish you have to have all your photos uploaded to their site and you make the book online. That put me off as I didn't have my photos on there already and I like to experiment with diff photos so it would be a pain to upload loads of photos I didn't even end up using. Much easier and quicker to use a site where you download software to design the book and then upload the finished product.

    Delivery times - you can usually pay extra to get them delivered quickly. It's actually designing the book that can take ages!!

    Have fun!!

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  • I used Bob Books to make my wedding album in hardback. It was easy to use and the quality is excellent. Not sure how is stacks up price-wise; I just remember being delighted that it cost a fraction of what our photographer quoted....

    Hope the christening is lovely :\)
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