going back where it all began

we booked our holiday today and we are going back to Turkey, this is where we made Grace!!

cant wait, we go in may, 2 weeks before her 1st birthday.

sooooo excited but deffo not bringing another little souvinier (sp) back this time



  • Wow that'll be great i'm sooo jealous i'd love to go to turkey xx
  • Aaaahhhhhhh! O no,

    Sorry no offence meant but everytime I hear that someone is going to turkey on holiday someone I know gets pregnant. Last time it was me LOL. I dont want any more children yet LOL.

    Anyway my madness aside, have a lovely time, and enjoy yourselves. Enjoy looking back on your memories.
  • Ohhh have a lovely time, where abouts are you going? We made Barney in Turkey as well, obviously a very fertile place :lol:
  • Hisaronu, thats were we were last time too. bit nervous about going with lo tho.

  • You'll have a great time, Millie was 13 months last time we went, so about the same age as Grace and she had a fantastic time. She was as good as gold on the flight as well, played nicely most of the way there, then fell asleep and slept all the way back (night flight). We are going to Eygpt in May and I am not looking forward to the flight with a nearly 3 year old and an 10 month old!!!
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