doing stuff with 5 wk old

my LO seems to cry alot and very easily annoyed so i cant even have a shower as you cant put him down at all, even when asleep he wakes up alot. anyone have LO like this and if so how do you get out house and get things done?


  • my lo was like this, and still is some today!!!! hes been a limpett all day, but hes not well so i can forgive him !!

    if your lo isnt hungry / wet / dirty / got wind, then my only suggestion is to leave him to cry for a few mins while you get your bits done. i used to do one thing, like washing up, then settle him and put him down, do something else, and then if he was still crying, settle him and carry on with the next thing i needed to do. it wont hurt him to cry for a couple of minutes, it'll tire him out and also teach him that mummy wont come running to every whimper or cry. its worked a treat with archie as i can now leave him in his swinging chair or on his blanket on the floor with his teddy and he is happy as larry. hes only 11 weeks old and accepts the fact that i have to get things done in the house, i just pop my head round the sitting room door to make sure hes ok and hes either smiling at his toys or fast asleep ....

    i know some ladies dont like leaving their babies to cry, but it really wont hurt them, ask your hv about how long to leave a 5 week old to cry as i cant remember, i dont ever leave archie to cry for more than 5 mins.

    good luck
  • the only way i get a shower with my 5 week old is to feed her, wind her and put her down under moving musical cot mobile which keeps her occupied. if she cries whilst Im in the sower, there aint much I can do but let her cry till I get to her,.
  • at mo during day he sleeps very lightly and for tenmins or so,so i cant do bits then,but i tried having shower and after few mins he cries on play mat or bouncer so i cant get dressed!
  • I don't have a baby yet (sadly) but the advice the ladies have given above about letting him cry it out sounds v sensible. My OH has said to me that when we hopefully have a baby he'd hope the house would be clean, etc. if I'm not going back to work. I keep telling him that it may take a while to get to that stage as babies take a lot of work, but i'm sure he thinks i'm making it up !!
  • My LO is 18 wks now, and is still like this. I might get the occasional 10 mins where he's happy playing alone.
    My hv has advised starting controlled crying when he is 5months old, which will totally break my heart to have to do.
    Honestly, I wish i'd let him cry abit more when he was younger so he's not like this now, I bought a baby bjorn sling, and carried him round to get household chores done(and still do) and just showered when hubby got home from work.
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