ot any good accomodation in Jersey - recommendations please

well MIL is baby sitting in March 2011 (i know its along way off but these are work holiday dates) for 2 nights and we would love to head off to jersey.

I can get flights from exeter pretty cheaply and very close to home but i now need to find fairly cheap accomodation that is reasonable for our romantic gettaway - or excuse for lots of sleep - most probably the latter!

Any help would be appreciated x


  • Great choice, even if i do say so myself. I'm from Jersey.

    Have you any idea of location, budget etc and I can make some suggestions?
  • I stayed here in jersey in 2007 and thought it was great, rooms were nice, food was good, pool and leisure facilities were excellent, location was good, just 5 mins walk into town, shops etc....

    I really want to go back, not sure what it's like price wise though cuz I went on a big family holiday for my grandparents anniversary and they paid

  • ohh thank you very muchly!

    i love Gory - Rozel - greve de lec(sp) we holidayed there every year when i was a child. However 0 if there is a gem somewhere else then that would be great too, it doesnt take long to get from one side to the other.

    Budget - well i am a skin flint so as nice as possible for as little as possible. I would say max ??100 per night but hopefully alot less.

    Thanks for your help we are getting excited already and have ages to go x
  • I'm from jersey too! woo hoo....grew up in Rozel - good taste summer76!

    Are you thinking hotel? or self catering?

    yummymummyali...where about do you live? I'm in trinity now

  • i would lvoe self catering or a freindly b and b - i remember a little shopping arcade called red Houses - was that in Trinity or have i got the totally wrong area of the island!? ecuse typo baby on lap
  • How about La Haule Manor, which is in St Aubin, really lovely harbour type area, lots of bars and restaurants, opposite the beach, good bus route and about an hours walk to town if you fancy it.

    Or self catering wise, how about Les Ormes? They have lodges in St Brelade (near red houses) or at La Pulente (in st ouens bay).

    My personal choice would def be La Haule Manor. Will keep thinking.

    Being honest, I can't think of a decent b & b over here - I could be wrong though!!

    mybutler - im in st brelade. Just had my baby 8 days ago!
  • I'm from guernsey and we're popping over to Jersey for a night with lo. We're staying at the Pomme D'or which is a sister hotel of the merton mentioned above, haven't stayed there for a couple of years but it was good last time, I think we're paying ??110 but that's for the 2 of us and lo. We're going to the zoo, can't wait, lo will love it I hope! Hope u have a nice break x
  • Red Houses is out west, towards the airport, trinity is more north/central/east...between greve & rozel.

    There's a B&B that's at Bouley Bay that I hear great thing about, here's a link to their site:
    The only downside with this one is unless you hired a car it might be a bit remote, and in March I don't think there's a full bus service to Bouley Bay.

    Or if you fancied somewhere more central, St Aubins is lovely, delicious food, laid back atmosphere, nice walks, just around the bay to town and close to airport. For ??100 per night you can definatley take your pick of places, March (I think) is classed as low season so most places will be happy to do you a deal!

    Another place to consider is the Pomme D'Or hotel, its very central and quite recently refurbished, I know they do fantastic deals, amazing breakfasts, have a look at their website.

    Its tricky cus obviously I don't know you and what sort of break you're after - total chill or shopping, spa, walks etc. Let me know how you get on, or post if I can help anymore...how exciting, holiday planning!!!

    Liz x

  • I would second La Haule Manor, it's lovely there. Although I'm not from Jersey, I do know the island very well (probably better than the area that I live in now). My mum is from Jersey and my brother and I would spend every holiday, half term and lots of weekends staying with my gran in St Brelade. Jersey is my favourite place in the whole world, I love love love it!
  • Congratulations! 8 days old?!-teeeny. Hope you're both settling in well. Is it your first baby? I've got one, Sara, she's nearly 5 months now.

    Oooohhh...hadn't thought of Les Ormes, good call! And La Haule Manor, its website looks very grand - have you stayed there? Totally agree with you about St Aubins, its got everything hasn't it....hmmmm, food!! B&B's over here are very tricky, I think because most of the hotels do great deals they aren't as high quality as in England, I've stayed in some beautiful places.

  • st aubins - goodness that brings back memories - we nearly missed the ferry becasue i wanted to by a hedgehog from a shop there - i still have him and he is called aubinzee hedgehog.

    I think we will hire a car and are looking at relax with some walks. Where are the bunkers and canons - i remember looking over a cliff and seeing them in the sea.

    also went to a caberet place called ceasars palace near greve de lec and loved it I was about 8 at the time ohhhh and are the tropical gardens and the shell garden still there, omg, i feel like a child again x
  • Sorry I'm somewhat gatecrashing cos I have no recomendations on accomodation but I used to go there every year on holiday as a child too summer76! We went to Grouville Bay, so many memories of all those same places and I'll add the German Underground Hospital whenever it was raining!
  • It's so funny what you remember from childhood holidays! Shell garden is still going strong I think, no idea about ceasers palace - sounds wonderfully tacky! lol. Not sure about the tropical gardens, I think visitors prob see a very different Jersey to the locals.

    Bunkers & guns...could be Noirmont? That's (sort of) just above St Aubins
  • i loved bouley bay - all the pebbles - and yes treacle - rainly days were always underground hospital - ohhh i am so excited i might extenf to 3 nights if funds allow! Any mroe memories? We loved going to Noirpoint mum used to hate it though! and my fave beach was Greve de lec but i loved loved loved Rozel - sitting at the Blue Peter cafe feeding the sparrows - bad memories standing on a weaver fish - they are NASTY x
  • Greve de lec is my fave too, Rozel is great but the water is FREEZING! but I suppose you don't care when you're small do you. Jelly fish at Grouville!

    St Ouens is great for long walks then get a massive hot chocolate at Big Verns - whipped cream and choc flake on top!

    Cliff path walk from Rozel along the north coast - amazing views.

    Seen any accommodation you fancy? If you need some pampering there are some lovely spa's now too - Les Roche or The Royal Yacht hotel spa I can totally recommend.

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