just feels neverending....

just need abit of a vent really :roll:

i have a 19mth old and a 5wk old and finding things abit of a struggle at the moment.
my 19mth old is bloody hard work and going through the climbing phase, my 5 wk old has bad colic and reflux and just seems to cry all day.

I feel so guilty for having another child, my 19mth old just doesn't get the attention anymore and I'm sorry to say that I'm finding myself resenting the baby abit.

My hubby works shifts as a police officer so I have lots of evenings when I have to try and juggle them both through the bath and bed routine, he's fab when he's not at work though.

I just can't see a way forward even though I know it does get better. With my toddler I used to look forward to 6.30pm bedtime! and an evening of peace. Obviously with the baby, it's when her crying peaks and like I siad it just feels neverending!

Any advice or tips on how to handle/cope with two would be much appreciated



  • Didn't want to r+r but I'm a 1st time Mum and finding that hard enough, so think you must be wonderwoman to get this far!!!

    As everyone keeps telling me - colic passes and this won't last forever.

    Do you have anyone who could come take one of them off you for a couple of hours at all? I don't but know it would be a godsend if I did!!!

    Take care hon

  • I feel your pain.... I have a 2 1/2year old and a 9 month old and I know exactly how you are feeling. My toddler is a handful full of energy and a big cry baby and my lo has been a 'difficult' baby, reflux etc and I had PND life was exhausting beyond all comprehension. I just wanted to reassure you that it DOES get easier. It is hard when you haven't got that break in the evenings, my main aim was to get my evenings back as soon as possible and that did help.Just try and sleep whenever you can and remember to take each day as it comes and achieve small goals each day. x

    Take care
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