preg after mirena coil? Posted everywhere sorry!

Just starting to investigate. I have the Mirena Coil in now but it's coming out next friday!!!! YAY to start ttc. When I concieved my lo I had come off the pill but it happened very quickly. Part of what attracted me to the coil was that your fertility is supposed to return to normal straight away.

What I was wondering is if anyone is preg after the coil and how long it took?

I am worried that I am gonna get really frustrated if it takes longer this time :roll: silly really cos time will tell but just interested!


  • well when mine fell out i had to have the morning after pill as my dr said as soon as it's out the protection's gone and as sperm can live five days i could still get pregnant as we'd had sex the night before. At this moment i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that i feel sick because of my hormones playing up not because i'm pregnant.
  • ohhhhh - have you POAS???? I can see this post getting distracted :lol:
  • yes on sunday and got a bfn, but here's the problem my coil fell out when i should have been on my period (but because i bleed for 4 weeks don't know if it happened) then had a bleed for a week after it fell out so going on my original dates i'm due today but not sure because of the bleed i had once it fell out, confused i am to :lol:
  • hmmmmm - v confusing!!!

    Maybe wait a couple more days and then POANOTHERS! :lol:
  • i know i have a first response left in the cupboard from when we we're ttc pippa (and it's still in date) part of me wants to do it and the other part is terrified that it'll be positive as we only wanted one baby, although dh said if i am pregnant he's having the snip
  • I had the mirena coil after having both the boys, and fell pregnant very quickly after having it taken out, i don't think it affects fertility at all to be honest. Now after the recent scare i've had i think i'll go have another one fitted until OH plucks up the courage to get the snip! x
  • im currently pregnant and going by my due datei fell pregnant 2 days after having the mirena out!!! hugest shock of my life!!
    NAt 19+3 xxx
  • hi i was pregnant with lola-mae now 14 weeks 2 weeks after having the mirena removed i didnt even get my 1st real period good luck hunn
    claire and lola-mae x
  • i'll stop distracting your post now, i poas (couldn't help myself) and got a bfn, so guess i just have to relax and wait af turning up
  • well Ihope she doesn't delay too long for you!

    No worries about distracting the post though!
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