why will he go back to sleep for oh?!

Hello mummies!
Theo is such a funny little thing. Last night he woke up at 2:15am so went in to give him his dummy but then he cried again 15 minutes later so went in again only for him to cry yet again 10 minutes after that so sent oh in and he went straight back to sleep! He always does that, If I go in I just know i'll have to go in a few times but if rob goes, theo goes straight to sleep! Do any of your lo's do that for your oh and not you? I always get him up in the morning except on a sunday because rob leaves for work really early so maybe Theo just sees me and thinks its time to get up?


  • yeah the same for me, i think they know oh mummys here she'll get up with me lol. Oh Theo is gorgeous x
  • Kara is like that still at 18 months. After breakfast she usually goes back to sleep in the bed with one of both of us. However if it is just her and her daddy and I am away to work she will go straight to sleep. If it is me on my own she won't and we end up getting up. If it is the both of us then she tries and carry on with me. Typical The best thing is that it is her daddy that carries on with her the most and has her crazy. Such a daddy's girl lol.
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