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Anyone ordered from there before? seen quite a few things i would like to buy and have quite an expensive order (have missed the money saving promotion though grr) and just wondered if they are a reputable site or not - i have heard of them so assume they are but just wondered what like the quality of the clothing was etc (im a bit funny ordering clothes i havent seen!)




  • Aargh BE ate my reply!

    Was just saying that yes, they are a great store and the clothes are very good quality. They have lots of stores in the UK (http://www.pumpkinpatch.co.uk/storelocator/list) if you happen to live near one and want to check the clothes out for yourself.

    The company was started in New Zealand (where I'm from) and is extremely popular there, hence the expansion to the UK, I recommend image
  • The clothes are great and good quality.Its worth keeping an eye out for promotion codes though and they also seem to have sales on a lot of the time.
  • My favourite shop to buy clothes for my DD....really do recommend, and their sales are great!!

  • Love their stuff, ordered quite a bit for my wee one coming image

    If you use code UKNPT you'll get free postage & 10% off, not sure how long this offer will last though? Didn't say on email.

  • thanks ladies - i have just placed my order now and am v.excited as stuff looked lovely and most of it in sale too so a good price (i cant stop buying stuff for my DD she is only 6 weeks but i got a load of lovely stuff in the 6-12 months sizes to keep by!)

    Gingerbaby thanks for that (it was a different code i tried that had expired on friday the day before i looked on the site lol) anyway you have just saved me 10% as well as my p&p costs so hubby will be pleased lol!

    Laura x

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