Do certain teeth hurt more?

As the title says, do certain teeth hurt more than others when moving/breaking through? So far DD has had both her two middle bottom teeth come through with not much fuss and just wondered if certain teeth hurt more?!


  • Hi hun,

    As far as i know the canines are bad but the molars are the worst!

    My dd is cutting her bottom canines at the moment (she has no other teeth yet) and has got horrendous nappy rash (which she never gets) and is so upset she wakes up crying image poor wee soul. I really hope her front teeth don't hurt as much!

  • Mine seem to be getting their front top ones and have constant snotty noses and are struggling to sleep etc. Their bottom ones just 'came'! However, I have quite big top teeth and it would seem that so have they, by what I can see under the gums.
  • Bottom two were horrible. Top two were horrible. Next two either side on top and bottom not bad. Just cutting bottom canine now and it is the WORST yet. It's the only one that's stopped Sam eating.
  • Bottom 2 just popped through with very little fuss. He has been a complete nightmare for 3 weeks and this week 3 top teeth came through and another on the way. He is crying in his sleep, crying out suddenly during the day, refusing to eat and his gum was bleeding earlier. Poor wee thing!
    The brightside is they are coming through pretty fast (he is nearly 7 months) so hopefully he will get it over with quickly.
  • Ooh, nothing to add. But if snotty nose andy crying in sleep are 'symptoms' James might have a tooth soon! :\) xx
  • Grace is 11.5 months and, aside from nappy rash, was ok with the first eight teeth (front bottom and top) and now has two molars on the left.

    By comparison, the molars have been a nightmare so far! She couldn't sleep without both Calpol and Nurofen image

  • Ooh, nothing to add. But if snotty nose andy crying in sleep are 'symptoms' James might have a tooth soon! :\) xx

    He has had a snotty nose too, I thought perhaps he was getting a cold because OH has had one but maybe its teething. Hmmm, interesting! :\)
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