FAO BedHead.

OH and Me are now randomally insulting each other with hilarious quotes from your post. I'm in bits here. Good job Kels is asleep lol! Don't think donkey bollocks sounds good coming from a 16 month old image

All thanks to your post!

Hows the mei tei coming along btw image



  • Glad it made you laugh! Oh seems to think I am nuts but I've been laughing at it all day.
    I started the mei tai yesterday, oh is working late today and tomorrow so I have lots of peace lol it should be finished for Sunday, I'll let you know when it's done, then stick it on ebay for you.
  • To save your listing fees, and time, would it be easier if I emailed you my address, I paid via paypal and you send recorded? I dont mind if not but thought it might save some time!!

  • That would be gret if that's ok with you, I'll let you know when it's done
  • Yeah sure hon, just thought it would save a load of fees, your time, pics etc.


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