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Need some advice....

Zac has always been a 'sicky' baby and, although not all the time, would often sick back some milk after a feed, we put it down to him being greedy and taking on more than he needed.... he's never been poorly with it and always seems fine in himself, never affects his weight and he has the normal amount of wet/dirty nappies etc so it isn't dehydrating him or anything. I hoped it would steady with weaning and it seemed too but just lately he seems to do it all the time! And its not just sweet milk smelling sick anymore it actually smells like sick (sorry if tmi!)...... It just isn't funny anymore.... lately I feel like I only have to pick him up and at somepoint you can guarantee he'll be sick. As i said above though he isn't unhappy or anything and is his usual self and I'm proabbly being selfish as its more of a pain than anything but I just don't know what to do.... i reluctantly give tummy time as that tends to result in sick even if a few hours after a meal.... I worry that that is stunting his ability to roll etc and eventually crawl as I don't give him the practice as much as I should....

So, do they just grow out of it? could he be allergic to something? Any pearls of wisdom would be greatfully recieved....

A baby sick smelling, Amy xxx


  • Yep Gabe was exactly the same and it was reflux. He always sicked after a bottle when he was newborn, right through to the next feed, but it never bothered him. I thought he might be less sick on solids, well it was slightly reduced, but of course he was sick the meals as well which stinks as you know, lol. He was on infant gaviscon for a while which helped a bit so that might be an option for you. But im afraid the only thing that's really worked is letting him grow out of it. Gabe stopped bringing back his solids a month ago, and rarely sicks his milk either. If he is sick its kinda watery and dribbly (tmi!) so I think just a case of too much saliva!!!
    How many oz does Zac drink in a bottle? Could you reduce it? Gabe was on 8-9oz until recently and I realised he was overfeeding and then being sick so I reduced it to 7oz, which he is happy with - he eats until he's full now, not so he's stuffed to bursting point!
    Same goes with solids...increase portion sizes gradually. xx
  • he has 8oz first thing, breakfast (solids), lunch dessert (solids), 7oz bottle pm, tea (solids) and an 8oz bottle at bedtime... he mostly finishes everything and i was always led to believe they would stop if they were full so didn't think i could overfeed - could this be it do you think???

    Thing is if i take a botle away from him before its done he screams...

  • HI hun just replied on born in June! xxxx
  • both my sons were like this and i was always told by any health professional that i spoke to about it that "some babies were just like that" because it never affected his weight or happiness, just like you, they said they would just grow out of it.
    Is he on formula? My friend was recently told to trying changing her baby's formula to try and stop her being sick so often, she is 4 months but i'm not sure if it's made any difference yet
  • If he wants the 8oz I'd keep him on it then, its just with my lo he wasnt really bothered and was just drinking it cos its there!
  • he did it when breast fed, thenwhen on sma gold and now on C&G.... so don't think its the milk he's on.... although am considering swapping to follow on milk soon - could that help???

    Mumof2 - Out of curiosity did your boys grow out of it and at what age?


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