Faster flow teat?

Just wanting some input, before I go out and buy something that might not be the issue.

James is 6,5 months old, we only started weaning a couple of weeks ago when he reached 6 months, so he's still on 5 bottles a day (has a DF still - which I will drop when he stops drinking it!).

Recently he has been varying even more than usual how much he drinks of his 7oz bottles. Morning and evening is about 5-6, day ones can be 2-5. Which may or may not have anything to do with weaning, considering he's not that excited about food!

Anyway, when he drinks properly, with no fidgeting, trying to turn to see the dogs etc.! he drinks within 20 minutes, which is fine. But he gets a milk beard a lot of the time.

Could this be he's struggling with the flow? We occasionally get the sucking so hard teat inverts, but not often.

I just wondered if any other lo's look like Santa after a feed sometimes?? image

Thank you. xx


  • My LO is 7 months and I've noticed we have a lot of dribbles and waste during his milk feeds, to the point where his bib is soaking wet, as are his clothes underneath. The bottles aren't leaking, he just seems to let it flow out of his mouth! I was using Dr Brown bottles with fast flow teats and have been using this combination successfully for about 3 months now.

    So today I changed back to medela bottles with a medium teat and after the two feeds he's had, there hasn't even been a drop on his chin, let alone the bib. He has had more wind though and it did take much longer to feed, teat was being sucked flat constantly, so not ideal but not really sure what to do next. Someone did say that they become more efficient suckers at around this age, so it might be worth going backwards rather than forwards.

    Not sure if this has helped at all but I wish you luck xx
  • might be worth just trying one pack of new teats, we have just gone from 2 to variflow, we tried them at 4 months and got the milkbeard
  • Thanks for your replies. I'm not sure I like they idea of going back a size. James was taking such a long time to feed then, and if he inverts a size 2 teat, he'll completely invert a size 2! :lol:

    I might get some size 3's. It's just not all the time that he gets the beard, and his clothes are always dry.

    Maybe a variflow is the answer, if they do them for TT. xx
  • TT do variflow teats although it might be worth trying them before you buy loads. We had then and they were worse. Maybe try a size three and see how he gets on as well.

    It's all just trial and error isn't it - they love to keep you guessing! xx
  • My lo is only 10 weeks so probably can't help much - although to say I moved her to vari flow and shes been much better - she only dribbles loads when she's not overly hungry and is playing with it - when she's really hungry she doesn't spill a drop! lol.

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