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A new Surestart has opened in my area, and it's the first stay and play tomorrow.

I know this would be a fantastic opportunity for me to meet some other mums, I've been feeling a little down and lonely and the LO is a very difficult 4 month old so it would be good to get out. But I'm very shy and I've lost alot of confidence since giving birth, with the weight gain and feeling isolated since going on maternity leave.

I just wondered if anyone had been to a stay and play, and what usually happens and if you recommend it etc.

Thanks x


  • I go to stay and play (am gong in a min actually) lol.

    Its great - you have staff members there that talk to you/introduce you to other mums. . Soft play area for babies with stimulating toys. Its all about learning through play. Then you have snack time for toddlers and parents can have a cuppa. its a really relaxed atmosphere too.

    Its great. I love my local surestart!

    Elaine and boys xx
  • i go too. unfortunatly i only found out about mine a few months ago and brooke is now 19 months so i missed out on loads with her! im def going from day one with this one! its a fab morning and the staff are great. people come and talk to u. xx
  • hiya, i actually run a stay and play (im a family support worker for SS) and its exactly like brandollarz said, a variety of toys/activites for different ages, a healthy fruit snack provided and tea/coffee for the parents. The staff are also there to offer support/advice to parents. You can always phone before hand and talk to the staff running it and explain how you're feeling. We're always very welcoming to everyone but if we can see someone is a little shy then we will spend time chatting to them and playing with their child to help them feel relaxed within the group. The only thing which some parents don't realise is that they are still responsible for their own kids (obviously we intervene if they were going to hurt themselves ,etc but otherwise the staff will take a step back). Go and enjoy yourself.xx
  • I don`t do stay and play but i do a thing called Hartbeeps with Surestart which a baby singing and dancing thing. It`s great fun and good to meet people. Im really shy but have made great friends there, although I`m a hairdresser and speak to people all day that i don`t know i can`t seem to do it away from the salon!
    Surestart also do a wider range of days and activities, they`ll give you a timetable usually for the month ahead. Hope this helps! x
  • yeah most ss settings run a group aimed at babys. we run baby play which is a variety of sensory home made toys for babies to play with that parents can make at home, we have singing with actions and the health visitor drop in runs alongside the group. Definately see what else they have going on.xx
  • I wish there was something like that in my area,going to google it and find out lol!
    Im a single mum and im so lonely at times,lost touch with alot of friends though not sure why as i made the effort to suggest trips/nghts out..i would love to met other mums in my area who mst likely feel the same to some degree.
    Hope you enjoy it its definately worth going to x
  • Thanks for your replies.
    I'm definatley going to make myself go, how does it work with warming LO's bottle (can you tell I don't get out much!) Are there facilities or should I take a flask? LO is especially difficult because he won't finish his milk unless it's rewarmed half way through, nightmare child!

  • have fun hun ....they will have a kettle and jug for u to warm and reheat the bottle(maybe even a microwave ) so dont worry about taking a flask xxxx
  • We love going to play and stay, and we love the people that run our local one. Have been to play and stay at 2 different sure start centres. Both were Bril.

    Just a tip (im not the most confident person in the world).... if you are worried about meeting the other moms at play and stay, do one of the courses like baby massage, or baby signing first. These are smaller groups that run over 6 week sessions, and are a great way to meet the moms before going into the larger groups at play n stay (and you will then have some mommies u know to talk to). Worked for me.
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