link for daughters birthday cake

check out this link- its my little girls birthday cake for her party tomorrow- shes 4 on monday. The wording says happy 4th birthday little princess freya. cake&mnsBrand=core&size=9&rh=&page=

Michelle xxx


  • its lovley babe x
    We have a shop down here that makes all the cakes for marks and Spencers and most other shops and if you go there between 11 and 12 each day you can get all cakes for ??3
  • That is fab, I love the Noah's Ark one they do too! Looks loads better than the train cake I made our little boy for his first birthday - took me bloomin ages too lol!! x
  • Wow-that is beautiful she will LOVE it! I also liked the Noah's Ark cake. I only started cooking 6 months ago so I could make my lo's first birthday cake but I bet that'll be way better than my pants attempt! Least he won't be able to tell and instead look back at photos when he's 18 and be all embarrassed-te hee!
  • jodiebuckley- thats really good, wish i lived near u!lol
    i was so tempted to make her 1 but didnt want to embarrass her in front of her friends, haha so thought it would be safer if i bought 1. xxx
  • i buy the kids one that they have with there friends and i also make one for just them and the family
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