Gatecrashing - for anyone that had a sweep..

Hello ladies - hope you don't mind me gatecrashing with a question, I am 40+1 and had a sweep today.

I just wondered if you had a sweep, did it work for you and if so, how quickly?

MW said I am 2cms dilated and cervix is 1cm thick.



  • cant help but just wanted to say hello image

    and good luck x
  • Hi Piggypops how are you?
  • Hey hun,

    I had a sweep at 41 weeks and i was 2-3cms dilated and fully effaced. But it didn't work for me, i ended up being induced at 41+6. I did have a big show and lots of my plug came away but that was it.

    However it does work for some people, good luck and hopefully things kick off soon!

  • Hiya,
    I had a sweep at 40+2 & it worked for me! I was uncomfy and having cramps straight after it & had a show later that night. I started having contractions at 4am the next day & had bubs the day after at 4pm (at 40+4). I was only 1cm dilated when it was done & cervix was still thick? I think x
    Fingers crossed it works for you hun x x x
  • i had a sweep at 40+5 and had my little girl the next day but i was already 3cm and she could stretch me to 4 but 3 years ago i had a sweep with my ds at 39wks was 1cm dilated and had him the next day
    leanne and phoebe 6 weeks
  • Hello, exciting times image I had a sweep at 10am at 40+5. Was 2cm dilated with a very favourable cervix apparently (yay for my cervix!) Contractions started at midnight, gave birth the next day.
    Now get some sleep! Good luck x
  • hi with dd1 i had a sweep at 41 wks on the sun at 3 pm mon morning i started getting contractions at 8am but only became regular at about 9pm was up all night but when i got to hospital on the tues morning i was 8cm didnt have dd1 till 6:58pm as the contractions had slowed and i had a drip tues afternoon but the sweep worked for me it started everything off good luck hope it works for you image
  • Hey! I had one on my due date. It didn't work but what I now know is that the only thing that WAS going to work was a c-section! x
  • thats not fair, everyone seems to have been allowed one at 40 weeks! i had to wait until 41 weeks and i was 1cm dialated, my son was born 11/2 days later! so if worked for me! good luck!

    ashy x
  • I had a sweep at 40+3, I was 3cm dilated I had my baby girl at 10.30am next day less than 24 hours later!!image xx
    Good luck
  • I had a sweep at 40 + 3 on a Wednesday not dilated, mid cervix, cramps started 5am Thursday, LO born 5pm on Friday. So yes worked for me.
  • I had one at 39+6 but that was because my hind waters had broken that morning. I had it at 9am and contractions started at about 1pm.
  • I had a sweep at 39 weeks exactly at 10:30isham and i gave birth the following morning at 8:17 so less than 24hours from having sweep to giving birth (and it was a nice lenght labour of 6 hours)
    good luck.
    ps i went for a walk around the shops straiught after, rocked on my ball and then hubby took me for another walk later on in the afternoon (i was on cutches so had to be careful but it worked!)
  • I had a sweep at 39+3, the mw said I was 2cm and my cervix was "favourable. The sweep was about 1:30pm, irregular contractions started about 6pm that night and lo was born at 4:30pm the next day.
  • Hey L&N
    Hope you are keeping well. Hope your sweep works for you hun and you get to see your lo soon.

    & Sarah 16 weeks
  • we are great thanx, LO is 6 and a half months now, time flys by sooo fast! we are trying for no2 already image
  • Well no twinges yet so I guess baby will just come when its ready! Thanks for your replies.

    Oooh PP thats exciting - would have loved a smaller age gap between lo's although 2.5 years is not so bad. Good luck.

    Purple Sox glad you are ok - will hopefully see you over here very soon!

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