TMI sorry about af!! AGAIN!

I've been referred to a gynecologist by gp as I said i think I've got endometriosis (suffered terribly with heavy periods and pain since 13). After my 5th day of being on I stood up after going pee pee (tmi) and blood started dripping on carpet (that can't be right after 5 day?!?) Anyway I wanted some tips on how to get blood stains out of the carpet, got my sister coming tomorrow and the bathroon looks like a scene from Saw III thank you!! xox


  • Hi, Ive got endo and have as you describe, DH says it looks like some1 has been murdered lol ive always found good old fairy liquid and elbow grease the best for removing blood as it doesnt bleach the carpet xxDBxx
  • Thanks for that! What are you given to treat it? I think they'll be giving me the injections that stop my periods coming. Luckily we have completed our family now! xox
  • Well we are ttc so havent had anything, my endo is a direct result of an emergency section so have only been experiencing problems for the last 2 years, thankfully im not in too much pain, ive got to be realistic as they think my tubes have been affected but we are gonna ttc anyway until nov, then then have said they will do something to help. Have been looking at moon cups which as ewww as they are ive heard they can help contain heavy afs

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