4th haircut already!

Well my sis & I have made up so I took Charlotte for yet another haircut today (she's a hairdresser you see). She's 13 months tomorrow (on Friday 13th - yikes!) and this is her 4th haircut since she was 8 months old! It grows like wildfire! So she has had a very big trim, was a very good girl, sat almost still and now has a lovely little blonde bob again.

She no longer looks like Liam Gallagher's love child!!!!



  • aww bless I bet she looks gorgeous!!!
  • aww bless I bet she looks gorgeous!!!
  • aww bless I bet she looks gorgeous!!!
  • Ah wow, that's a lot of haircuts bless her. She did so well to sit there so good!
    We took kady for his first haircut a couple of weeks ago and although he didn't cry, he was very squirmy but not what a bit of distraction with the help of Thomas the tank, couldn't help :\)

  • oh bless, Grace just had her second haircut yesterday and she is 8 months

  • Oh bless her. Olivia is 11 months and is due her 6th haircut!!!! he fringe is in her eyes so i need to hurry up & get it sorted but i agree - it grows like wildfire - she only had it done about 6 weeks ago! x
  • Hi ccb! yes again we have very similar children! lol harri also had his 4th haircut yesterday, i couldnt believe how much hair came off him!! he looks so much better now! x
  • James has got his 1st one tomorrow, I always brush the front to the side and give him a little side parting, but is now so long at the back I can get it in a little pony tail, at least he'll look all smart for his 1st birthday in 2 weeks! x
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