Student Loan (also in Pregnancy)

Hi ladies, i had a student loan at Uni which just comes out of my pay automatically each month, so i never give it a second thought, but was just wondering if you still have to make payments while on SMP?


  • Hi hun

    It depends really on how much you get each month. For example when its 90% of you salery, if this equates to being over the ??15,000 minimum salery per annumn that you have earn to pay back your loan (when x12 then you'll be deducted) if its below you wont..............

    When your on basic SMP and its not topped up by your company etc ie ??123/4.00 a week then you wont have anything deducted.

    Hope that makes sense?!

    Another time you will pay it back is if like me you get paid maternity pay in a lump sum (because of redundancy).

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