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stomach ache

My 6 week old son seems to be in distress when passing wind, and gets very bad tummy cramps, he is currently on cow and gate comfort and I use cripe water in his feed, I have been advised to try him on SMA as the cow and gat may not agree with him, anyone think this is a good idea, and have they had the same problem. I will try anything to to stop my little one being in so much pain.


  • thats funny as my little one occasionally suffers with passing wind and he's on cow and gate!.. hmm... could set alarm bells ringing.. however he's now been on it for 4.5 months and seems to being doing okay.
    He definately gets pains and is distressed when just before passing wind though. I think this is pretty normal though as they are still getting used to having different foods going through their system.
  • I wouldn't mind knowing myself if you can put the gripe water in the formula. At the moment, I give my lo his gripe water in 1oz of cooled boiled water as that seems to be the only way he will take it, the little monster.
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