pain in the bum baby!

i have a 7 1/2 month old daughter called erica. and recently she has been driving me potty!! every time i leave the room she screams bloody murder, i cant even go to the toilet without her crying!! and her sleeping habits have recently become very disturbed.

shes always been a really good sleeper, sleeping 12hrs a night, but recently shes been waking up loads just randomly screaming, and crying every time her dummy falls out!! she also rolls over in her sleep and then when she wakes, gets stuck on her tummy! last nite was a bad nite, she woke up every 30 mins for about 4 hrs then woke up an 6.30 screaming when she normally wakes up at 8 ish.

and recently her cry has turned to a high pitch wail!!

she got her first tooth a week ago, so i think that might be something to do with it.

any1 else experience this??

thanks . grace and erica xxx


  • oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yes!!! LOL
    My son is almost 1 and i'm affraid to say he has got worse, esp since i gone back to work! it started around the same time as yours, he would see me head for the door and scream even if his dad was with him! even still, he doesn't like anyone else feeding him, he just says mama!! everyone laughs and says how much of a mummies boy he is but when your the mummy its very hard as everything is down to you and its hard to get a break! really struggling at the minute as i've gone back to work he refuses to sleep in the day, he was up at 5:30 this morning he normally sleeps from 5:30pm -7:30am so he was desperate for a nap this morning and was just sobbing on my lap but screamed when i put him to bed, eventually he went with me stroking his head but he was still screaming and think he only fell asleep thro exhaustion!
    I'm desperate for some advice myself, really don't know what to do with him, hate to see him get so upset just to go to sleep!!

    good luck

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  • HI love my faith has just started to cry when leave the room she just terned 7 months not much i can adives but wont to send you big hugs
  • You probably wont like the solution i have and it is really hard i admit but my little girl started this and gave me a couple of nights bad sleep but her teeth were already through her bum was changed she was full so unfortunately for 2 nights i let her scream she's not done it since touch wood. I think they get to an age where they test the bounderies to see what they can get away with as for the day time as hard as it was i had to not pick her up she didnt like this much and it broke my heart when i could see she just wanted to cling to me, but for me i couldnt have a clingy baby if she hurt herself i would pick her up but other than that i would get down on the floor and play with her etc let her know i could be around but she didnt need to be held all the time. Now we can enjoy lovely cuddles without the problem and she's very secure she just started nursary 1 day a week she is 9 1/2 months by the way and they said she is the most happy secure baby they have.....she doesnt cry when i leave just smiles and waves they have no problems with her at all......I understand if this isnt right fo you but it really worked for me and i love my sleep...sleepless nights was never going to work lol xx
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