Swine flu :(

Well I've been feeling like shit since friday night, but today I feel lile the living dead, just checked my symptoms on line and it look like I may have swine flu so I have to take antivirals. Oh is at work, can't come home because he is the only manager in today, so my poor mum is driving up to look after us. Sorry, pointless post but I'm feeling sorry for myself image


  • Oh no poor you, my mum had it and possibly Erin but not convinced i think she had a chest infection, but both were on tamiflu, but both had to stop taking it cos it made them really sick, i hope this doesn't happen for you. seding you big hugs and wishing you feel better quickly xxxxxx
  • Aw bless, its horrible when you feel crap, luckly your mums comming to help
    I think we had it a couple of weeks ago because i have never felt so ill in a long time and my mum wouldnt come in as the docs said to not go out or let people in so hubby and i had to just suffer and it was not nice as the kids were ill as well, so all 5 of us poorly grumpy and grouchy.
    Hope you start to feel better soon and the kids dont get it take care and hugs (()).
    vikki xx
  • Oh No! Big (((hugs))) hunnie. Hope you start feelingg better soon xxxxxx
  • oh how poo - hope you are well looked after and feel better soon HUGS!
  • Oh no you poor things ! I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Oh bless. I hope your mum looks after you well and that you're soon feeling better!!
  • Oh no hope you feel better soon

  • Awwww huni- plenty of rest and lots of fluids!Hope you start to feel better soon. xxx
  • Oh no hun!! Hope you start to feel better soon, have the kids had any symptoms?
    It's great that your mum can come and help, when I'm ill I have no one to help and I have to suffer in silence! :lol:
    x x
  • Hope you feel better soon hun.

    Like ILMG says plenty of rest and fluids.

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