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Hey Love,

I Hope you don't think that I am being cheeky, but just read on the credit crunch topic about your credit cards.

I just wanted to say that there are a couple of things that you can do before you take out a loan because the debt will just sprial.. if you take one loan to pay of another cause each of them charge fees ect..

If you get another/or a couple of credit cards (:lol: i'm not mental hear me out!) but with 0% balance transfer, with a small handling fee and as many month no intrest as you can find.. it means that you'll be paying off your debt rather than just the intrest.

Another thing that you can do perhaps before you send off for further credt, is write to your current credit card company and tell them that you are no longer in full time employment as you have had a baby and you are requesting that they freeze ALL intrest from this point forward indefinatly or at least untill you return to work and you then make an agreement about what you are 'able' (make sure you use THAT word as aposed to 'willing') to pay each month. It's at this point that you can barter about how much you can actually afford to pay to ensure that you are comfortable you are intitled to clothes, food, heating, fuel, and believe it or not a small recreational amount for your emotional well being. Make sure that you tell them that you DO want to pay it off however at the moment with the credit cruch, your current situation that the only way that you will manage to do so, is if the adear to your requests.

They might be a little arsey, but if you really push it, they already have had intrest out of you and it's better that you are offering to replay them in full on your terms rather than not at all!

BUT do remember once you have made this agreement you MUST stick to it because otherwise they are well with in there rights to whack the intrest back on.

Hope you don't think that i've been noisey or interfering or anything.. I just do this as part of my role when i'm at work so it's an area I sort of know about (I did support work for young homeless in London & I'd help them with all there issues, but racking up debt was vey common!)

anyways love I hope that this has helpped, if not lol you can tell me to get lost! image

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