Fuming with the NHS!!!! not baby related but need a rant

I need to get this off my chest and hubby not home for a fews hours so i thought i'd post on here........ I went to the docs in oct to have some moles looked at as i have quite a few and used to use the sunbeds a lot. Any way my doc said all looked fine but there was one on my back that he wanted to double check and refered me to the hospital. I got an appointment pretty quickly and had a mole biopsy on 1st nov and was told that the results would be back in 2 weeks and they would send for me.
In the mean time I'm worrying an looking on the internet at possible outcomes which scared me to death because my mole was in between my shoulder blades which apparently is where cancerous moles are most common in women. Any way i read alsorts of stuff and got quite upset. All of which i kept to myself because i didnt want any one worryin unnecessarily. i also didnt want to worry too much myself becasue i had told myself that if it is something bad this might be the only normal time i have for a while so i just wanted to be normal if that makes sense.
So i got a letter with an appointment for 18th nov. I went to the hospital and sat in the waiting room for over an hour nearly in tears just wanting it to be over. Any way i realised i had been there the longest and approached the nurse, to find out i had been missed, then they couldnt find my records. When they did find my records my results werent even back yet. I was so mad i burst in to tears. I had been there for over 2 hours for nothing. My mum had taken half a days unpaid to look after my son while i went. All i got was a half assed apology saying 'well the results are normally back within 2 weeks'.
They got on the phone to the lab asking them to do my results urgently because of the inconvenience, to be told they would do their best but there is a back log.The doc promised he would ring me with the results an i left in tears.
I meant to chase the results up with the hospital last week but josh was ill and then i was ill so i didnt get around to it. So today I rang to be told that 'oh its benign and i wrote to your docs on 24th nov'!!!!!!
Not only has the hospital doctor not followed through with his phone call but my own doctors havent even bothered to give me the results!!!!
FUMING!!!! I'm not even relieved because i am so mad at them, its no wonder people have no faith in the NHS they are crap.
Rant over thanks for listening x


  • How disgusting! How about making a complaint?

    But, great news that there is nothing to worry about!
  • thanks. I've been thinking about complaining but it will fall on deaf ears they just dont care. But i'm going to my doctors tonight (they are only across the road) to see what their excuse is!
  • God thank goodness it benign but it isn't on how you were treated. My oh had the same cat and mouse chase trying to find out the results of a scan he had on his knee. We were waiting months and in the end he did have to have an operation but I do think it's unfair for you to have to chase around your own results. Glad you're ok though x
  • Awe hun, that's the last thing you needed. Its wonderful it's benign, but it's terrible that the doctors involved have been so inconsiderate.

  • Oh hun I feel for you. My oh has lots of moles due to sunning himself in cooking oil and lemon juice when in the Navy. About 2 years ago he went to hospital for annual check up and had all his accessable moles photographed and put on disk so he could keep an eye on them rather then trips to hospital.

    But I am also p****ed off with the NHS. I posted this on April fourm. I went for a 20 week scan and to see my consultant last week. I recieved a letter for my appointment about 4 weeks before and was told I would have a dating scan. I rang them up and told them by the time the appointment came around I would be 20 weeks. (I have just moved into this area) The woman on the phone said that is fine, just tell then when I get there. I was impressed when I first got there as I was called in before I had even sat down and I was 10 mins early. I had bloods taken, belly measured ect ect, I mentioned to the midwife about the scan ect and she said she would sort it. I then was told to wait for scan and consultant. So I did for a further 2 hours with a poorly baby!! I saw the consultant who gave me the impression she wanted to be there as much as I did and was in no hurry what so ever!! I was then told that I was not booked in for a 20week scan and she would do it now and it couldn't be done at the hospital I was at as there staff were not trained, I would have to go to the main hospital for that scan. Why was I booked in for the wrong scan and why couldn't the woman on the phone tell me that so I could have got it sorted sooner. My appointment could take 4 weeks to come through. By the time I get a scan date I would have had this baby!!! I was so hoping to have a pic by xmas but next week we go on holiday and the following week I am at my parents for xmas. Its so not fair!!

    Sorry I have ranted on your post. Take care, hope you feel better soon.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • You poor thing i dont think i would have been to happy either, i go to my docs for normal every day things but i think if there was something like what you have i would go privet at my husbands company provide us with privet health care
  • if it was me, i would raise a complaint anyway, and make sure it doesnt fall on deaf ears !! and keep complaining until you are apologised to, or their error is recognised

    on a diff note, i gave blood a while ago, and the dozy bint who took my blood ruptured my vein in my arm, caused me to pass out, and froze my shoulder due to internal bleeding for about 2 weeks. i kicked up a stink and i got a lovelly letter from the blood bank service apologising for the error and they insisted that all of their nurses would go on regular refresher courses (as i got an old withering hag for a nurse) to make sure that they keep up with good practice !

    as your GP, he/she is responsible to let you know of any test results, good or bad !

    go for it, as everyone always says 'if you dont tell us about problems how do we know they exist' ... so its a good excuse to vent in a letter !!

    good luck
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