any thoughts?

its taken us a while to get Charlie settled, been thru numerous bottles, teats, formula, etc... but i feel like we're getting there, he's not taking so long to feed, and settles better afterwards BUT he is wanting his feeds more regularly and screams till he gets it - am finding it hard to stretch him more than 2 1/2 - 3hrs.

He tends to have about 5oz, he cant want more as i do a 6oz bottle and he always leaves a bit. We've tried the hungrier baby milk at night but doesn't seem to make a difference, also offer water in between but no luck. im now at a loss - any thoughts?


  • Oscar never goes longer than 2 - 3 hours between feeds, and tbh i'm not suprised, most adults will eat that regularly with meals and snacks in between so i don't know why we expect babies to be any different. If he's happy, i would just go with it, but i'm not a big routine person and do feed on demand (bf'ing), and i find it makes a much more contented happy baby. Maybe just follow his lead for a while, and he'll gradually take a bit more as he gets older, and probably fall into his own routine. As long as he's gaining weight and if happy, that's the most important thing xx
  • Nathan (5+4) goes 2-3hrs during the day and takes between 3-4oz each feed. Everyone goes on about this magical '4hrs apart' thing for feeding but as JamDonut says, we snack inbetween many of us can honestly say, on a day to day basis, that we go 4-5hrs between breakfast/lunch/dinner without a top-up inbetween???

    Is he the same at night? Nathan will have a bottle bout 8-9pm then can sleep til 4 or 5am.
  • Thanks girls, i think im just concerned as the hv made out he was putting on weight too well, he was 12lb13 last week at 7weeks,2 days. (is now on the ninety something centile).
  • Ahh I agree with the others I would ignore HV and feed on demand...JamDonut is right that we very rarely go 4 hours without eating anything so you can't really expect a baby with a teeny tummy to do the same.

    There's no need to stretch feeds out at all really, as soon as Gabe wanted the bottle I always feed him and still do, and sometimes he wants it after 3 hours and occasionally if we're out he will wait happily for 5 hours though usually he has 4 bottles a day.

    His weight will slow down anyway, you can't overfeed a baby. Gabe was 14lb 6 at 10 weeks and HV had a go and told me not to overfeed but I ignored her & he has levelled off himself, he now weighs approx 20lb 5 at 8 months which I think is a steady gain 6lbs in 5/6 months xx
  • like the others said- ignore what ur hv says, u know ur baby, hes not going to take the milk if he doesnt want it, so jus follow his lead, my lo also goes 3 hrs between feeds, if i make her wait ne longer i would b left with a screaming baby, so jus go with the flow. xxx
  • thanks everyone. right then i'll follow his lead - although it's guna be hard during the nights, i dont function well with disturbed sleep and am dreaming of the day he sleeps through, lol.xx
  • You may find that if you feed him totally on demand in the day time he will feed less at night, this is what I have found with Gabe. xx
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