Bit Of Fun....but is it true?

Hello ladies,

Just doing this for abit of fun.....just wondering if there is any truth to it!

What temperature was your lo concieved in...and did you have a girl or boy. I will keep tally so we can see if there is an obvious correlation.
It is suggested that warm sperm = girl and cold sperm=boy!

Girl.......honeymoon 30'C+
Girl......warm &humid
Boy.......Turkey 35'C
Boy.......warm sept



  • Boy, december so under 15 degrees.

    Ive never heard that before how weird! xxx
  • Girl - end of sept - I couldn't say that it particulary warm or cold??!!
  • nov i would say not cold not warm as i live in cyprus
    but had a boy
  • We had a boy conceived in September in Tunisia, so hot hot hot, lol. xxx
  • Millie was conceived in Dec and it was bloody freezing!

    Barney was conceived in Turkey and it was about 35 degrees!

    Think I just blew the theory out of the water :lol: :lol:
  • It is just a bit of fun...although currently isnt holding true.

    Was looking at the chinese calenderand figure out how old my friends were when they would have concieved and it appears to be true.....I wonder how long they took to figure the calender out. Does it hold true for you?

    Dont get me wrong, I would never use either of these techniques to try for a boy or a girl. Im happy with just a healthy one...:\) xxx
  • Ha Ha, I've tried the Chinese predictor thing before and apparantly Millie whould be a boy, and Barney should be a girl! Good job I didn't care either time or I could have been very disapointed :lol:
  • Well I have 2 girls who were conceived in january & march so definately under 15 degrees, & I expecting another girl next month who was conceived in may so it would have been milder then!!!!

    Hilary x
  • My daughter was concived in December and it was at home so cold, cold, cold!!

    My son was concived in January and it was at home so cold, cold, cold also!!

    Doesn't seem to work for me!!

  • just wondering...for all those girls concieved in the winter months were they concieved in the cold?if they were concieved in a warm environment they would be classed under warm/mild as the theory is based on the temperature of your los daddys sacks!!
  • Daughter was concieved in bed!! I remember the exact day!!

    Daddy sacks :lol:

  • Holly was concieved in the warm lol It was March and we were in bed lol
  • sry garfield i'm not gd with description.I guess what I mean Is our bedroom is currently15'c with heating on at mo as live in old house. Lots of peoples houses are warm as heating is on in winter therefore classed as warm enviroment despite it being a coldjan/dec

    daddy sacks...couldnt think of the word n knew u would know what I was talking about!!!

    u remember the exact day cant be a regular in ur house then!
  • :lol:

    We'd had an arguement that day and we were 'making up'

    Sex is regular :lol: Its just that we dont hardly argue so thats how i remember image

  • boy concieved in nov x
  • boy in december
  • Girl - cold.

    I read in a magazine at the doctors the other day (are doctors surgery's Country Living's only sybscribers? I have never seen one anywhere else) that Scientists at Exeter University have discovered that Mothers who ate a lot during the time of conception were more likely to have boys. Apparently this goes for humans and animals.

    So what happened with Victoria Beckham then?
  • girl- conceived in may (in the maldives)
    girl- conceived in december
  • no I dont mean the weather! that argument had a gd outcome!
  • I have boy conceived September- warm
    girl conceived January, snowing and freezing
    another girl conceived january frosty and cold
    another boy conceived July warm and humid

    Guess the theory doesnt work for me. x
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