Developed clicky hip?

Hi. I can't get my 6 week check appointment until 8 weeks. I had to miss the original appointment, so am waiting to speak to the GP about this. James didn't have any hip problems or anything at birth. But over the last few weeks, seems to have a sound from his hip at times. I can hear it when I am holding him upright on me, and he gets agitated, and starts to move his right leg up and down. But when I lay him down and move his leg myself, I can't get his hip to make the sound! So do you think ds has developed a hip problem? What do they do about clicky hips etc? Thanks girls. xx mithical and James 7 weeks 2 days.


  • Hi My little girl has clicky hips on both sides she was checked in special care and they were ticked asfine though a believe they were missed for many reasons they were picked up at 8 weeks. Saying that i cant hear the click and they dont seem to bother her.

    If he does has clicky hips my little girl has been put in a velcro hip brace and they try that first which she wears under clothes and makes her legs stay in a frog position.

    HTH and doesnt make you worry!

    Shell x
  • Lyvi sometimes has this too. I asked Dr at her check who said her hips were fine and it's probably actually a tendon but isn't a problem and she should outgrow it.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Yeh dont let my post worry you the doctor even said to me most of them are liagments that click
  • I'll have to wait to see what the doctor says, but needless to say I'm hoping it's the ligament! Shell, how do they distinguish it's definitely the hip, and not the ligament that's the problem? xx
  • mithical, please get the doc to take this seriously and if any doubt ask if he'll refer you to ultrasound scan, its prob sth and nothing but left undetected its could cause real problems later on

    have a look at tinkerbellshell's post - 'overwhelming' i've posted lots of info on there - again im not trying to be dramatic or frightening, as you you would do exactly the same - i just cant sit back and not tell you to get it checked properly when i know the consequences if its missed!

    ask if you need anything hun

    jane n grace xxx
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