too good to last???

morning ladies and babies hope ure all ok ? ........well my little sophia is 8 days old today and she is such a good girl ,she is sleeping really well (infact she doesnt do much else image )and the last 3 nights she has only woken twice in 9 hours for a feed during the night and even then she doesnt cry she just wakes up and dan goes to get one cos he hears EVERYTHING ....i sleep far to heavily :lol: ........we put her down at 9.30pm awake and she woke up at 12.30 and 3.30 and that was it till 7.30 am it too good to last or do u think i actually have a little girl that is going to be an angel???.........jack was the total opposite he didnt sleep properly till may this year!!! :roll: anyone else been really lucky and had a lo that has slept well?.......

lisa,jack and sophia grace xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • i havent been that lucky, but i think your little girl will be a angel... at 8 days old jayden was feeding every 3 hours having 6 oz jayden still wakes in the ight for feeds, your sooo lucky lol xxxx
  • Evie did that from about two weeks and shes only changed last week and this week cause she has a virus, enjoy it you never know this might be her pattern yippie xxxx
  • We were never that luckly so make the most of it !!
    When newborn Charlotte slept & fed all day then as soon as up to bed cried until 3am despite feeds and cuddles! But now she's quite a good sleeper.
    Take each day/night as it comes - I'm sure you'll have some sleepless nights to come, it's inevitable with a baby!
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