Getting stressed now!!!

Hi Girls,

I need a bit of advice/support.

I know its not much of a drama but its starting to get me stressed grrr!! Amber just will not give in to sleep in the day she fights it so much. I can see she is tired (rubbing eyes, yawning and red eyes, and wingy too) so I put her down. She cries then starts cooing and cries again so I pick her up and put her down and repeat. She screams the place down and just fights it with all her might!

I have just let her cry it out and it was horrible she got really upset and coughed lots and eventually dropped off. The problem is that my mum rocks her to sleep a lot as well as her daddy and she has got so used to it..

Am I doing the right thing here by letting her cry?? NO ONE is ever rocking her to sleep again ( I know I shouldn't have let them do it in the first place but she went off to sleep so quick with no crying and it just seemed the easier im paying for it now!)

She used to be a good sleeper in the day, luckily she is very good at night, goes down well and settles herself well (with dummy) and just wakes for one feed now and goes off well after that too.

Have any of you got any words of wisdom or going through the same thing?

Love Amy n Amber (18 weeks) xxx


  • Hi hun, You are doing the right thing! It's very very hard to leave them to cry, but the fact that she did eventually drop off to sleep says it all! She must b tired and just into a bad habbit of needing comforted to sleep.

    If you're consistent you should quickly see a change at her young age, she should adjust to it hopefully over a week or so. keep it up honey XX
  • Stick to your guns girl!!! She definately needs the sleep at her age so will have to get used to settling herself. If you are firm it won't take long- but if you give in (only occasionally) it will take ages as she'll know to keep going for longer to get her way.
  • I agree with letting her cry as it sounds like she has picked up a little bit of a rocking to sleep habbit. She will soon start to learn how to settle herself in the day. It will get a bit noisy at first though, but be strong.

    Having probs with my LO at the mo with daytime naps as well but he is a little older (30 weeks) and may only have a single 10 min nap in the day. Guess its a case of too much to see and do and not enough time in the day.

    I have been known to let him cry when really tired (only go to him when he screams for more than 10 min with out settling. Theory being when he is exhausted he will just drop.

    Nanny and OH are nightmares for undermining sleep routines for my LO as well.

  • your doing the best thing for her and you in the long run by letting her cry, i had to do this with Ryan and even now sometimes he can be crying for up to half hour but if he crys for longer than 10 mins i will put his dummy in and then leave him another 10. usually by the second 10 he has dropped off but occasionally he does try his luck, lol.

    Keep going with it, its worth it, but be consistant and strong and i would have a word with your oh and mil to say that you do not want all your hard work undone by them rocking lo to sleep

  • Does sound like the rocking could have been the problem.... Darcy had a period of about a month of not sleeping at all in the day and it turned out I wasn't producing enough milk, she didn't lose weight but wasn't putting any on. Is she gaining weight ok? just another possibility
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