Baby smiling at 6 weeks check??

Hi girls

My little boy has just turned 7 weeks today. We went for our 6 week check yesterday. The doctor was very thorough and checked us both from head to toe!! She spent some time trying to get my lo to smile but he wasn't very compliant. My dh and I have seen him smile at home but he wouldn't do it for the doctor. His smiles at home aren't broad smiles and he hasn't gurgled or giggled just yet. I wasn't too worried about this but the doctor seemed to highlight it and told me to ask the nurse to check this when he goes for his 8 week jabs. This got me thinking about why they need to see them smile? Now I'm getting myself all worried and wondering if they're looking for signs of autism or something else equally scary!! Does any one know anything about this and can put my mind at rest.

I've been trying ever since to get him to smile but he's not very enthusiatic!!




  • oh god, you post is making me worry now too. my little boy will be 7 wks on monday and has onlyy half smiled a few times. i just thought he was miserable! image
  • Don't worry about it, he'll smile when he's ready! Bella wasn't smiling at her 6 week check and the dr wasnt concerned at all. She didnt start giving big grins til she was 8 weeks. She's 19 weeks now and never stops smiling! xxx
  • I wouldn't worry about it, all babies met their mile stones at different times, I don't know why the doc wanted him to smile?

    Mine laughed while we were having our check (we have them at 8 weeks at our gps) and the doc said that he was very ahead of other babies his age.
  • Oh a similar thing happened with my goddaughter...they kept failing her on her development check because she wasn't interested in doing what they wanted her to do.

    They are babies not performing animals..they'll smile etc when they want to not when someone expects them to. Honestly I wouldn't worry as you've seen him smile - they never bothered asking about Cole smiling at his 6 week check - in fact we were both in and out in 10 mins!

    Do you have a camera or phone that videos? If you could catch him smiling on that then you could show them

  • Sorry, but that's the most ridiculous thing ive heard. My lo is 6months and smiles/laughs all the time but put him infront of a doctor/hv and he turns into the biggest grump!

    You said your baby is smiling for you at home and that's enough, it's very early days! Don't worry soon he'll be doing the biggest, gummiest grins but expecting him to smile on demand at his age is just stupid!!

    Oh, something to look out for, when a baby really smiles and not just a 'could be wind' smile, they smile with their eyes (if that makes sense!) so next time you baby smiles-watch his eyes, see it the smile reaches them, that's a real social/happy smile xx
  • I wouldn't smile at a doctor poking and prodding me either, so why should your lo? Not even sure my doctor checked smile at our 6wk check?!

    I think don't worry! Smiles are for people they like at that age!
  • Thanks for your responses! I thought it seemed a bit silly too but the more I thought about it the more I started to worry! Kia that's a good idea to try and film him. I have a camcorder and keep meaning to film but haven't got round to it.
    Thanks girls!
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