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my son is 8 months old and recently is not interested in his milk at all. he will eat his food fine but will not drink.

he's been having about 18 oz a day but today he had 8 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner and i've just tried to give him his night feed and has not taken any.

he also will not drink water or juice

what should i do?


  • all i would do is to keep offering him some milk. im sure he will take it when he is ready. could it be down to teething and the teats hurting h

    is teeth or gums? sorry im no help.
  • My son went off milk at that age, but he's always been a big fan of water. As long as he's getting plenty of dairy in his diet my health visitor told me not to worry. Keep offering the bottle but don't stress if he doesn't take it as he could pick up on it and that could make it worse.

    4 bottles is more than my lo was having at that age as well, he dropped to just 2. Have you tried dropping a bottle and just giving 3, it may make him more interested in them.

    Try offering a sip of water after every few mouthfuls of his meal, just to get him used to drinking water - he only needs to take a tiny bit. He'll get plenty of water from food so as long as he's not dehydrated try not to worry about that either.

    They do like to test us!
  • My lo gave up breastfeeding at 9 months and from then on would not drink ANY milk AT ALL. She hasn't since either!
    I give her a cartons worth of formula on her cereal in the morning and then lots of cheese, yoghurts, butter etc..
    She didn't drink anything else either to start with but slowly increased her intake of water and now drinks loads of it (she is now 13 months).
    She is fine and the hv said its fine too.
    Don't worry. Just add it to cooking and give him calcium in other ways and keep offering water, he will eventually realise he's thirsty and drink it.
    My lo actually asks for water now when she's thirsty (door da)!!!

  • thanks for your tips ladies i'll give them a try
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