how do you ladies de stress?

i could do with some tips please :\)


  • lol I was made fun of at xmas for telling everyone my destressing plan but ill let you in on it if you promise not to laugh!! lol

    Right so...IF I have time I will iron my bedsheets...have you ever noticed you get a great sleep in a hotel always? - its cause they press the sheets!!!


    Iron PJs and put them on radiator to get nice and toasty.

    Put hot water bottle in bed

    Run a bath with lovely bubble bath

    Lie in bath till prune-like

    exfoliate moisturise/tan, do eyebrows and paint nails

    Have a hot chocolate and watch a tv programme from start to finish with no interruptions


    This is also my xmas eve tradition although last year I kinda went into labour at a minute past midnight on xmas morning lol so I missed out!
  • oh princess you know I have a funny feeling we had a thread going during pregnancy re ironing pjs around christmas time as this is my wee christmas routine (close to it) too lol
  • Oh Princess that sounds like bliss! I do de-stress (as much as i can! lol) by going for a bath and reading a good light reading book image Think i will need to do those other bits now! Although i think that will work better on cold, dark, rainy nights image x
  • ah thats right moonbeam! werent you the lady who gave your children a present from santa to open on xmas eve and that was their new pjs?

    that thread was done on the last de-stressing before bubs came lol oh how long ago haha

    Ladybird youre right it does work better on cold rainy nights...I did do it a few weeks back though and it was relaxing...until I was up and down the stairs as bubs was crying and oh was at work! Not so much 'no interruption' now eh! x
  • Moonbean I remember that thread, the pyjama ironing thing is very familiar. I love a freshly made bed but when I made ours this week and was commenting on said love dh turned round and said a freshly made bed is all "jaggy" - it's all sharp apparently and he doesnt like it. Freak.

    I eat chocolate, stress about how eating chocolate will not make me lose baby weight, eat more chocolate to combat baby weight stress....
  • I destress by unwinding with a glass of wine and spending time on here. Also by doing all the things I enjoy but never get time to do such as baking, cooking or reading. x

    Hope you are ok piggypops x
  • Mrs Calopa im with you, wine, wine and wine!!!

    Gemm x
  • Warm bath, mood lighting (candles), glass of vino and a bloody good book!

  • Princess - I'm not laughing but ironing the bed sheets - I couldn't think of anything worse. Each to their own I suppose. Hope you don't think I'm rude, just being honest xx

    De-stress for me - nice bath although I'd be happy with a 15 minute soak/pamper. Read a magazine, book or catch up on some crap TV. Of course wine and chocolate certainly makes me feel better too. xx
  • well i'm currently eating betty crocker chocolate fudge butter icing out of the tub and laughing at OH on mariokart if that counts? lol
  • I want chocolate fudge icing - the best I have in the house is a weetabix cereal bar...pants!
  • Artysmammy - i mis-read yours at first as 'a good bloody bonk'!!! image lol

    There is always that i suppose!!

  • ironing sheets mmm worth a go is suppose,

    we are just having a bad time, LO being really clingy so i'm not getting a minute to myself, and i just feel buzzed in an evening when LO goes to bed, feel like i've been on 10 redbulls and not in a good way
  • I totally agree with freshly ironed bed sheets, feels so fab!
    I destress every evening with a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine (well spritzer seems the same, feel less guilty). Ds in bed, bottles done, half an hour with the match made in heaven, bit of tv and BE x
  • Ha...shezakeza. I can't stop laughing at that! xxx
  • I love the idea of freshly ironed sheets - if only I could coerce my husband in to doing the ironing! I *may* treat us by taking the sheets in to the drycleaners to get them professionally laundered (that will make them wonder what on earth we've been up to!) and thereby escape the work involved.

    My current de-stress technique is an oldy but a goody - sending my husband out of the room for an hour and a half, 2 glasses of sauvignon blanc, and 3 episodes of Friends on E4! Coincidentally, tonight's episodes featured Rachel going in to labour and having Emma - oh what a contrast to my experience!
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