Prob been asked & I've missed it, clocks go forward at w'end

This has probably been posted and I've missed it but how do I deal with clocks going forward this weekend ? I'm thinking it's probably not as hard as when the clocks went back and I had an extra hr to fit into the day.
So I was thinking we jujst put Archie to bed as normal on Sat night, and then just put clock forward. So if he wakes at 6 on Sunday, it'll be 7am and I just get up instead of trying to get him to sleep a while longer. Will this work ? Or is there a better way ? S x


  • I would just go as normal.

    We go back from Germany to the UK quite a bit and there is an hour difference, never makes a difference to Amber I just put her to bed at the same time wherever we are (around 6.30) then she goes till 5/6 feeds then back off to sleep till about 7.30/8.30.

    I would just keep the same routine and not worry it all falls into place hun xx
  • Put him to bed at normal time then on Sunday you just have to go with the flow! That's what I'm planning. Last time clocks went forward Charlotte was only just over 2 months so didn't affect us much, same as clocks going back in October.
  • Hi, i run quite a tight ship (have twins just turned 2 and 7 month old baby) i found that changing their routine by 1/4 hour a night helps over 4 days. or 1/2 hour over 2 days just found it makes it easier

  • tallkatie so plsed you used 'tight ship' dh has just taken the piss!

    it scares me too xxDBxx
  • I must be very lucky then as Amber is 6months and for her the clocks have changed 5 times with living in Germany and visiting family in the UK and she has been fine each time so I wont be worrying!!

    I thought tight ship was funny tho hehe!! image
  • He's been waking pretty early for last few mornings so maybe clocks going forward will actually do us a favour.
    Tight ship !! lol. S x
  • Another tight ship here! So glad you posted this SuzMcH as I was thinking about it too and how it would affect the 5 am Club?!! Hope it has a positive affect-have me fingers crossed!
  • ooo i never thought about this, hopefully it wont change tegans routine too much as i like it atm xxx
  • he he gemzy we run a "slack ship " too :lol: ..ill put jack to bed at the normal time ,he is a nightmare sleeper anyway ..probably cos of the crappy routine we have :lol: ...sophia is too young to realise ...i was laughing cos its oh's night out this saturday on the dreaded stag do and i think its hilarious that when they get picked up at 2am it will be about 5am when he gets home cos of the up at 7 and ill make them jump on his head :lol: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • we run a 'slack ship' too, lol

    we're going out to a friends for a meal so Louise's routine will be out of the window anyway! Will just go with the flow on sunday!
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