i'm a celebrity!

not me, you silly buggers! the TV program!!

my oh has gone out for Thu lads nite out, and i thought i'd watch this!!

gotta say, i love ant & dec - money for old rope with the gags, but what's there not to like about them!!

as for the "celebrites"-

Hands up if you've heard of all of them :\?

how many have you heard of this year? :\?m? :\?

how many are you gonna hear of next year? :\? :\? :\?

it should be called "I was a celebrity, now lock me away!"


  • lol, why would anyone want to c timmy mallet on tv? !!!!
  • exactly!! my younger sister used to have nightmares about him hitting her with the mallett!

    and about Roland rat
  • is david cassidy the biggest tit on the planet or what!!!! ggrrrr
  • kirst3, that David is a total COCK!!!! I'm sure he's doing it on purpose, surely no one can be such an prick! Lol
  • hang on!!

    this is why you are soooo confused with who these "celebrities" are!!

    it's David Van Day!! from "Hit" group Dollar (80's)

    you, have hit the nail on the head Kirst3!!! who the hell is he!!
  • Loved the bit Simon said about his gift is singing for Brian and Brain's gift to him was buying a Blue album-how cheesy?!!! That David Van Day or whatever how camp, odd and has he had surgery? Can't help but like it am strangly drawn!!!!
  • I sort of know most of em!read far to many so called celeb magazines i think lol!BUT who is this David guy?he looks familar but cant place him?im liking Joe hes funny
  • david van day? lol says it all ha ha
  • Sadly I have to confess to knowing who David Van Day was as soon as I saw his name!! I loved Dollar (his band) when I was younger - I had their album (think there was only one!!) and everything!! it was even on vinyl!!!!
  • I got him muddled I thought he was from Buck Fizz! Has he had 'work' as everything looks a little tight and uncomfy?!
  • that is such a good way of saying face lift mum to 1!! hahahah!!

    Donna, you've blown the lid on how old i am too, by knowing David van Day from the 80's!! i have afew 80's albums, and quite like Mirror Mirror etc. oh noooooooooooo!!

    i like Joe too - quite sweet, but didnt know who he was as would rather stick a needle in my eye than watch eeeeeeeeeeeeestendahs!

    i also though Simon veeeeeeeeeeeery cheesey with his wedding gift!! and didnt that Copper look like he was gonna faint - "oh my god, look, oh my, it's....it's Simon from Blue!! i just love you!!!"
  • I think the gay copper just wanted a piece of Simon!!!
    Mirror Mirror was my favourite song too!
  • totally agree about the copper fancying simon. he does have avery nice body tbf!!!
  • When I saw him in the shower my knees went all wobbly!! that stomach is fantastic!! I bet he'll be kept in as eye candy!! Timmy Mallett is an annoying wanker though!! his laugh is driving me mad already!!
  • is he gay too?

    thought Joes "camp camp" very apt and funny!!
  • OOoh now i rknow who David is,cant say i ever heard any of Dollars songs,but i remember him from being on that god awful show(i watched all of it lol)Sonia was on it too but cant think of the name lol!Bloomin Timmy Mallet is a plank,but then he always was!but when i was a child it was somehow easier to deal with ha
  • Probably - but to be honest I can't believe a man or woman would want to have sex with him!!
  • good point!! do you think he and last yrs winner - Christopher Biggins to similar?

    i'm getting quite giddy and somewhat hysterical now!! i KNEW i should have got a wine!! almost on 1000 posts too!! woohoo!
  • Benjismummy, I watched that show too! It was something about going to America wasn't it? I think that's why I hate him so much lol. Although I shamefully remember the Dollar songs only too well.
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