Bananas and reflux

Calling all reflux mummies.

Kenny is doing quite well now with the Gav but I cant give him yogurt because he gets really sick and it stinks so bad (sorry if TMI). I give him the odd banana and he seems to bring this up more than veg or other fruits. Have any of you had trouble with banana?

He is 7 months now and I tried to reduce the Gav to 1 sachet but its too soon as he started chucking up again after his feeds. How long do they usually take it for?


  • Yes!!! Gracie was majorly sick after her first banana, and the 2nd. So now I mash a little up with other fruit and she seems to keep it down. It's the acidity in them that's bad for reflux babies. Read that on

    Gracie's been on the gav for 20weeks now and was on 5 double sachets a day, which now she's on 3 meals a day, I've reduced to 5 singles and she's still sick but no more than usual. Some days she's better than others, can't work it out!
    And now she's almost crawling, more sick puddles!
    The only yoghurts she doesn't sick up are the petit filous layers ones, the normal pf and mullers stars are a no-no!
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