another sleep topic....weaning and night time sleep?

morning ladies

l,ike some of the other ladies, am feeling well and truly broken this morning after a hard night and my baby girl thinking 5.30am is wake up time.

We have a variety of things we need to 'fix' in our routine (snacking during the day, naps have been a nightmare recently and too much milk during the night - I was hoping she'd sort herself out but doesn't seem to be) but aside from all of that it would be lovely to see the tiniest chink of light at the end of the here is my question - when you weaned your LOs did they sleep any better at night?

a very very tired but very hopeful monkeynuts and DD (17+4)


  • I share your frustration, I've been treating my LO (6m) the same and he has yet to settle into a decent routine.

    We started weaning about 3 weeks ago and he's now on 3 meals a day, one of which is supper as I was told this would help his sleeping. I'm afraid to say that if anything his sleeping has got worse since weaning, I think it's his digestive system getting used to things. The last couple of nights haven't been too bad, more of what they used to be (up once/twice) but they definitely haven't improved any.

    I'm sorry this probably isn't what you want to hear but it is my experience. Here's hoping we both get a decent nights sleep soon, after 6 months, I know I'm desperate for one! Wishing you luck xx
  • oh no! thanks for being honest though hun - is nice to know what to expect.... I swear this baby lark is getting harder not easier xx
  • I think at the start it makes no difference, and could make it worse, but eventually yes, your LO won't need night feeds. Sam is 9 months and is finally sleeping through, but only now he's on 3 meals plus snacks. To be honest, its probably nothing to do with food, and more that he has better sleep habits now, and was developmentally ready. (also, he sleeps through, but still wakes up at 5.30...)
    Sorry, that wasn't particularly helpful! x
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