Can you be addicted to a Jumperoo?

We bought one for Alfie for Christmas after people on here said how great they were. Someone even found the cheapest price (thank you!) and it has been the best ??67.50 I've spent!!
But bless him he can only last 20 minutes in it as he goes hell for leather at full pelt with the biggest, dribbliest smile on his face. Even fell asleep in it today-never thought he would. Kept slowly bending his knees with his eyes closed-so cute.
We think he's addicted as even when he's not in it and having a cuddle with us he's bouncing on us and looking at it longinly!!
Anyone else's lo addicted? Will try to add a picture! x


  • Oh thats so cute! I'm so jealous as I really want one for Gabe but we seriously do not have the space or the money. xx
  • lol my lo loves it but he is too heavy for it now, well he still goes in it but probs not for much longer which is a shame as it loves it!
  • Katie, give your oh a kick! As an experianced 2nd time parent I obviously don't buy anything that is a waste of money ( :lol: ) but we bought one for Barney and it's ace!!
  • So glad other lo's are addicted to. tallkatie I had to really work on oh as he said it was a waste of money-bought it meself out of me savings in the end! Ha he's eating his words now!!
    As Alfie's backwards crawling and rolling all over it's the only way I can get anything done and it really makes him so happy. Should be on any new Mum's list like a step up from a bouncer. Am gonna give uploading photos a go-wish me luck!x
  • katie it was the best ??63 i've spent! U must try and convince your OH to get one! Charlie spends an hour in his he would probably last longer but i don't want him in it for ages. He bounces and swings from side to side and giggles away to himself. He absolutely loves it! Then he gets out and falls asleep lol. Its the only thing that keeps him occupied for a long stretch of time! x

    Alfie and his first love on Christmas Day!x
  • I have to say this is the best bit of kit we have brought for Matilda...she loves it! we managed to get it when they were reduced in mothercare and we had some vouchers left from her birth so it ended up costing us ??20! But i did have to work on my other half lots!

    At night we just un click the tall bounce supports and fold it down. its very easy to put up and down.

    The reviews really are right its a fab bit of fun interactive kit.

    We have lots of fisher price gear especially the jungle range as its just so well built and will last yonks definately worth it guys.

    Addicted babies galore!! ha ha

    love moo & Matilda May xx
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