Male Gigolos-channel 4 now!

Anyone else watching Channel 4 now?!!!! Un-believable!!!! Cheered me up no end-what a load of plonkers (sorry very Fools and Horses 1988!!!) x


  • :lol: I watched this too! The blue sparkley cowboy hat and matching pants had me in stitches! Lol. That bloke was so in love with himself. Haha, and the other dodgy guy who lived in that dump of a flat saying he earnt 120k a year, yeah right! The part theat made me laugh the most was when the interviewer asked the guy in the flat how big his bits were, and he showed him on abit of curtain and the interviewer said "That's like a foot, you want me to believe you have a foot long penis" :lol: Hahaha.

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