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baby blood test

Faith is going for her blood tests on friday i am so worried about it my mum coming so if i loose it i can leave the room can any tell me any thing good. i now it will hurt her they taking the blood from the top of her hand she going for noming cream before she has it. how will take and how hard is it to get to the vain please help.


  • if she has the cream it shouldt hurt her at all .they will probley put the cream on both hands so if they cant get it out of one they can try the other.i cant rember how longer it takes for the cream to work but i doest take more than a few minutes to get the blood. good luck
  • Hey Caz Ashton had blood taken when he was in hospital and to be honest it wasn't that bad. He didn't have the cream as it can sometimes make it harder to find a vein, especially in small babies. Only took a few minutes to do and he only let out a little yelp when the needle went in and that was it. Best thing to do is try and distract her as much as possible, me & the nurse pulled faces and talked to Ashton. He had 4 or 5 tubes of blood taken and was completly fine. Good luck hun and keep us informed as to how it goes.
    Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • Hi hun, try not to worry, I know it must be awful though.
    It's not the same thing, but Gabe has not cried at any of his injections. I think it was cos I gave him a dummy. All he did was squirm and whine once but that was it. Worth a try??? x
  • Thank you girl you mad me feel a lot better about it My friend had told me how it went with her little boy she had a bad time of it she was so up set. But now i no it is not that bad thank you again girls
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