hi girls

i know this has been done millions of times, but just thought i'd let you know that the ??10 hichair from Ikea is fantastic! if you dont want to spend a lot, want a second one, for granny's etc this is a bargain!
you can pay exra for the tray - not sure but think it ??4?, but it goes right to the table.

i'm not sure how it would be for a younger one, but for my toddler, it is ace!!

red, white or blue, the legs come off in seconds, but it is really sturdy, and i wish i'd got it 6 yrs ago instead of the crappy -expensive-, heavy -one- with- all- the- gimmicks- that- i -never- used from Mothercare!


  • We've just started looking and I have to say I was shocked-??100 for a high chair?!!! This sounds great but do you think 20/24 weeks is too little for this chair? Obviously lo isn't ready yet but glad I started looking now and saving up!x
  • tbh, i used my bouncy chair to feed lo in until they were all brilliant at sitting upright, but it was backrest adjustable, still instead of rocking.

    i didnt know about the insert that Vanilla got - but Issy is nearly 14 months old so ok without it anyway!
  • Fab, am all sorted then! Have a Bumbo which I was going to use for a bit then I can move on to his highchair. Thank you Ollier 2001 and Vanilla that's really helped! x
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