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hi girls

grace is 6 1/2 months now and we are doing ok on the weaning, she has 2 meals a day (brekkie and tea) still in a paste form (no lumps).

i went to the weigh clinic tonight and they suggested fingerfood as well like bananna and carrot but i worried she wil choke?

what sort of food should i give her and when should she go onto 3 meals and lumpy food?


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  • I'm not sure but I think someone will know on here.

    What's this I here about giving baby nuts like peanut butter! image
  • Banana is the best to start with for getting her used to lumpy food, she wont chock, its too slimmy to make her chock, she will prob gag acouple of times or spit it out but thats normal, carrot stick are good or baby carrots well boiled, mine loves them and he eats them first and when they are all gone he eats the rest lol
    I'm sure Ellis was on 3 meals a day at your lo's age! but maybe start when she seems more hungry after her meals.


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  • do i just give her a slice of bananna? not mashed?



  • try mashed first so she gets used to slightly lumpy and the flavour, maybe give her that a couple of times, see how she likes it then you could slice a few pieces up for her!
    My lo didn't like the texture of mashed food so i had to go straight to proper solids! lol greedy boy!!

  • She won't choke, its actually more likely for a baby to choke on puree foods! Not sure how but i read it somewhere and it is the only time Gabe has choked was on a stage 1 jar lol.
    She might gag at first, but that is normal, and totally different to actual choking. I started Gabe on finger foods at 6 months and he's been fine with them even tho he had no teeth at the time. Banana didnt work well for us, as he just squished it up and broke it in his hand! Toast was the first one we did and he loved it....sucked it until it was soft enough to chew off. Rusks I have found brilliant as they melt in the mouth (so even if bub did choke it would dissolve!) and are easy to eat. It says on the box to give as a finger food at 9-10 months but Gabe loves them & is 7 months.....also those organix carrot things... xx
  • banana she'll b fine my boy loves them, rusks they melt.
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