feeling sad today ...just need to offload

hi ladies i just need to write this down i dont expect any replies just to get it off my chest as i cant talk to oh about it today ...

ok well its 4 years ago today since someone very special to us passed away ....my oh's cousin in law ,loz...he was 23 and him and oh's cousin had gone to tea at another family members house ,they had a new car and boys bein boys they went out for a "spin" in it ......they were gone ages so oh's cousin and her friend went to find them ....they came accross police and a crash and .....it was loz his friend who was driving had lost control and hit a tree loz was killed instantly ,his friend was in a bad way for 2.5 years but as far as i know he is ok now ...i feel so sad he was such a special guy and we all got on so well ...the week before he died was comic relief and we went to stay at there house ,i feel it was strange we stayed as they only live half an hour away but we just decided to stay and im so glad now as i have such fun memories of him on that night and the HUGE bowl of cereal he made me the next morning (i mean seriously huge :lol: ) we names jack after him -jack laurence cos i feel he is the reason we have jack ...jack was not in anyway planned and yet was born on loz's birthday ...dan will disagree but i feel its a sign that everything is ok :\) ........sorry this is a bit of a depressing post but i cant believe how it still hurts so much that he is gone :cry: :cry: .......thanks for listening ladies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • ((Hugs))

    It must have been so hard to lose someone like that. It's lovely that you named lo after him, sounds as though you feel that he is still with you in a way. Thinking of you.
  • thanks for relplying hun ...i do still feel like he is with me ...funny really cos my grandad died 6 weeks ago yet i feel he is gone but loz i dont ever feel has gone i feel like he is our guardian angel and things happen all the time to remind me that he isnt gone ...weird isnt it like he was too young to go which he was xxxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks katie :\) xxx
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