Straining and groaning post feed - any ideas

My LO is ony 2 weeks old.

She is ex BF, is feeding well (has put on weight) and passes LOTS of nappies.

The last few days I have noticed that after her I feed her she starts to really strain her body, stretching out and groaning, or pulling her knees up. I have noticed it particularly after eveining and night feeds, not so much in the day. Sometimes it will go on so long it bridges 2 feeds and misses a sleep, which is tough at night.

It gets worse when I lay her in her basket, and the groaning will turn to a cry. She does like to fall asleep in our arms I am sure, and sometimes picking her back up does help.

I was having problems winding her and have her takin Infacol, which I think has helped with the wind. Has been having for about 4 days....

Any one had similar? I can not work out if she is actually in pain....

I have had a bit of a look online and the impression I get is that new babies digestive system can just take a month or so to settle and I should ride the next few weeks out...



  • sounds very much like trapped wind, especially with the pulling up of the knees and the getting worse when laid down/worse in evenings, classic colic signs. infacol can help but can take up to 3 weeks before it kicks in, i'm afraid gripe water isn't allowed until they're 4weeks/1month so u have a little wait until then. in the meantime, ask ur hv/mw to show u some massage techinques to help dispell her wind easier. good news is most cases of colic get better after 6 weeks old. u could try elevating the head end of her moses basket so she's not laying completely flat.

    sorry can't be of more help, but iyt is all totally normal xx
  • my lo was the same and our hv told us to put her on cow and gate compfort
  • It sounds like trapped wind. Bringing knees up is a sign of having some discomfort, and it can be hard because they don't know how to get rid of the wind.

    My HV gave me a tip for bringing up difficult wind - she said to put the baby in a bouncy chair for a few minutes and then try again, and you're usually rewarded with a huge belch.

    If it is not every night have a think about what you're eating. I had a particularly difficult night with Sophie after having a curry (and not even a hot one) so have avoided it since.
  • Agree with the others - sounds like trapped wind. As well as massaging her tummy, try moving her legs up and down (or bicycling them) gently. This can sometimes help babies to pass wind the other way!
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