flying with baby - help!!

Taking my lo away to lanzarote at the beginning of march. I`m absolutely petrified and wondering if we have made a really big mistake. really hope she doesn`t scream for the whole plane journey but was wondering if anyone knew what the SP was on taking foods and formulas actually onto the plane? My lo will be 5 months old then and should probably be quite well into the weaning process. x


  • we went away when lo was 4 months and went to spain and he was fine. he did cry when he was tired and was worse on the way back as had quite slow descent and i think he really hurt his ears. we gave him a bottle of water to try and help, they need somethin to suck on apparently. i also walked him up and down the plane and everyone was cooin over him which entertained him. make sure you take a few fave toys and lo will be fine. with regards to takin food/formula, they make the mother taste it!!its so yummy!!!lol. they then let you take it on board. hope you all enjoy it. fin loved our
  • I stressed for weeks before taking our lo away last year- esp as we have 2 older kids as well (6 and 4 at the time). He was 5 months and was absolutely fantastic- the ppl behind us couldn't believe we had travelled with 3 kids, they were so quiet!!

    I took 3 bottles of boiled cooled water (about 3ozs in each) and my tin of formula I would also reccommend that you take a flask of warm water-that way when lo is ready for a feed just add to the water already in the bottle and mix with your powder.

    Yes you will have to taste any bottled water/formula you take.

    I also took nappies and wipes and if lo uses a dummy put it on one of those wee chain things-that way you won't spend half the flight looking under the seat in front lol.
  • Thanks for the advice. The only other thing that was bothering me was that if you have to try any formula to prove it`s ok, it has to be discarded within 2 hours of not being used so how would i go about giving her a bottle before we land? I did think about taking some of those sealed ready to use cartons to take on the plane with me as they would be easier?
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