We have been back to hospital again with daisy today seen a lovely peadiatrician who said he will get to the bottom of daisy problems which after 15 weeks is areleif in itself. anyway as a trial he is putting her on some medicines for reflux for two weeks. I was wondering how long it took for you to notice an improvement after starting medicines. He has prescribed two not sure of names hubby just gone to get them. one is to put in the milk and i think the other one is a baby gaviscon. Daisy is nt a sicky baby but i have often heard of silent reflux and wondered if she may have this but again my wonderful hv poo pooed this idea.


  • oh my god just left you a message in march forumn cheers mate . Just gonna grab quick bath but catch up with you later was thinking about you too today. must try and send Lee a message as she finds out about her date next week i think if you speak to her before me just tell her im still having a mare and i will catch up with her soon x
  • Hi my lo was put on infant gaviscon on Tuesday at 3weeks old i noticed the difference from the first feed she was a very sicky baby though and it has defo worked to stop her being sick and helped with wind too thank god lol xx
  • Gracie's on gaviscon (since 7 week) and it's worked on and off. She's also been on domperidone and ranitidine and after 6 weeks of the dom, it didn't help at all so paed just said use gav and Enfamil AR formula. Best combo we've tried. Good luck! x
  • Hi Westbrom,
    I'm not a reflux mummy, but Matthew was on the infant gaviscon for a bit to rule out reflux. GP said it would work instantly if it was gonna work (which it didn't but worth a try!). Also if the other meds are Ranitidine (maybe?) this should take effect pretty quickly aswell - a couple of days usually. I know its the last thing you want to hear but gaviscon is notorious for causing constipation, so I would recommend keeping up with the water and fruit juice unless the dr told you different. It also makes the formula thicker - so you may need to get different teats. It sounds as though the appt with this dr was more positive. Hope Daisy gets there hun.x.x.
  • my lo is on gaviscon and ranitidine,,,we tried domperidone but it didnt work for us. gav and ran is what works best for
  • Hey westbrom1,

    Still no further with Daisy? Ella has had reflux since birth and she is on gaviscon, carobel and ranitidine. She isn't so sick with it now but sometimes you hear her gulping and she screams with that. This also irritates her colic.

    The gaviscon works instantly - well it did originally but depends how much damage there is. If Daisy does have silent reflux and has had for weeks then she may need time to heal any damage that has been done from the acid. I know that Ella is still not right and they up'd her meds this week and its slowly getting a bit better. The doc said that it may take a couple of days to see any improvement.

    Its good though that you have a good doc now that will hopefully get to the bottom of Daisy's problems. Its heartbreaking when you don't know whats wrong and can't help your lo. Let us know how Daisy is on the meds. Hope it helps!!
  • Hi guys thanks for your comments will judt have to see how we go . other med is rantidine. oj lolstephen read your other post and agree i dont know how we can carry on, but i said the same at 6 weeks the same at 12 weeks and i am saying the same today at 15 weeks xxxxx we do becouse we love tem so much x
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