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Hi everyone, I am gatecrashing from trying for a baby and I have a car question.

OH and I have a lease car that he gets from the PGA, at the moment we have a BMW and the lease ends on that soon so we got the new list and they are really expensive this year, way beyond what we could afford. The best option on there is a Mini but we are trying and are concerned that if we have a baby at some point during the 2 year contract we will struggle with fitting the buggy in the boot etc.

We just went to Mothercare and looked at some buggy's and we found a nice one that collapses small but once that is in the boot we are not sure if we will have enough room for shopping etc.

So my long winded question is, do any of you have a small car, more specifically a Mini and do you find you cope ok with it with you lo??

It would be our only car.

Thank you in advance.



  • We have a fiesta and a capri. Neither are particularly storage friendly, but they fit the pushchair in and a bit of shopping. Everything else goes on the back seats! The only bit I have found annoying is they are both 2 door cars and getting the car seat in can be a pain! xxx
  • My friend had a mini and said it was do'able but she hated tryong to get lo in the back cos it was only 2 door and ended up with shopping on passenger seat beside her etc.
    She changed her car after about 6 months cos it was too impractical.
    Personnaly we have a Golf and sometimes struggle if we're going away anywhere and need loads of stuff with us, car is always packed to the brim, DOn't think we could cope in anything smaller. Sorry if that doesn't sound very positive but like you say wouldn't want you to be stuck with car and not be able to change it. S x
  • I had a MINI when I first had my baby and I always used to put her in the front seat as you could de-activate the airbag - it was too much hassle to put her in the back each time. If you were to get one, buy an iso fix seat for the car seat to sit in, saves having to put a belt round it each time! Also, if you have the buggy in the boot, baby in it's car seat on one of the back seats, you can fold the rear seats independantly so you could put your shopping in there. There won't be a lot of room but it can be done.
    I was gutted when mine went back ( it was a company car as I used to sell MINI's!) and now have a very boring (but big booted!) Renault Megane!!
  • i sometimes use my mum's saxo and it drives me mad, i have to have the parcel shelf off to fit the pram in and trying to get jack into the back of a two door car is an absolute nightmare, me and oh did have a vauxhall vectra which was much more practical - until it decided to die last week so i wouldn't recommend one of them either! lol. I think something bigger and with four doors is definitely more practical.
  • Thank you everyone, you have been really helpful. I was a nanny for a year with a 3 door car so I know its a bit of a pain but I am sure I can live with it, the lo I looked after had one of those iso fix thingy's and it was a lot easier!

    I was looking today and the bebe loola frame collapses very small so I think that should fit into the boot, a friend of mine has a mini too and has a bugaboo which she said fits.
    I think we could live with it and for the sake of ??1200 a year we can't really afford to be fussy!
    All of this may be pointless, we might not even get a BFP in time for it to be an issue!

    Thanks again!
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